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Lantern By Sea Release Debut Album 'Rim of The World'

Formed in Cedar Hills, Utah, Josh Alvey, Porter Smith and Tate Smith, better known as Lantern By Sea continue to attract fans from across the globe, with their music very much breathing life into the lives of those who listen. Having had the pleasure of listening to their previous material in the past, I was filled with excitement when I discovered that the trio would be releasing their debut album Rim Of The World.

Everything about this album makes me smile. There is the finesse and depth within the lyrics, the uplifting energy of the rhythm guitar and drums, and the vocals of frontman Porter Smith to bring it all together. The world of alternative rock has many great names, but when you factor in everything Lantern By Sea are providing through tracks such as Bloodhound, it is safe to say that they are certainly bringing their own A Game as they continue to flourish.

Released on 22nd March 2022, Rim Of The World is only a slice of this band’s immense potential, because if you go and listen to the rest of the album then you are certainly going to be pleasantly surprised. Consisting of other tracks such as Ghost Story, Withering Sign of The Lamb & my personal favorite Eastern Sun, before you know it Lantern By Sea will have you singing along at the top of the lungs. Dare I say it, I think I may have very much found my favorite album and band of 2022.

At present the band have been quiet about any live shows, but given this powerful debut album, hopefully we won’t have to long till we are able to experience all of these spectacular tracks in person. Thank you Lantern By Sea for giving us music fans even more of a reason to be happy!

Rim of The World is available to listen to now on all major platforms. To stay connected to the band for all the latest news visit

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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