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KSI X Tom Grennan - Not Over Yet

2022 continues to be a busy and productive year for British YouTuber and Rapper, KSI as he entertains his fans with some brilliant live music at one of his many live shows. Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough, on 5th August 2022, the lovable artist released his brand new track Not Over Yet. Teaming up with another staple of the UK music scene, Tom Grennan, the energy of these two heavy weights combined have created one of the most beautiful and powerful songs you could ever experience.

What makes Not Over Yet so special is how open, honest and heartfelt it is lyrically, and just makes the song to come alive even more as you find yourself not just listening but really connecting to the music as well. While Tom Grennan and KSI may sometimes thought to have there own unique and individual styles, with this track you can really see how the pair compliment one another and just enhances the pleasurable listening experience even more.

Let’s get real, lyrically, Not Over Yet tackles some of those thoughts where it feels like we are battling with our own mind, but what KSI and Tom Grennan do is articulate that into a song which can actually feel quite cathartic and safe, where for me especially I could see myself raising an Amen in agreement to the conversations that KSI and Tom Grennan were starting to open up.

While KSI may have been part of many collaborations in the past, Not Over Yet is a testament of how he continues to evolve and come into his own as an artist, and what makes things even more exciting is how you can feel it in heart that this is only the beginning of very special times ahead. Still making up your mind up deciding who is the best UK artist of 2022, well look further, because KSI is your man!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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