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Kid Brunswick's London Show was the show of the year

Kid Brunswick's headline show at The Courtyard Theatre in East London was the show of the year. The grunge lord, as he names himself on social media, treated fans with tracks from his debut mixtape "XFOREVER" as well as his latest track "Stained". The crowd was one of the loudest I have ever seen, seeing 200 people screaming the words to "4AM" as well as "Prescription Kid" was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

"These songs are for you to help you through what I have been through" he told his crowd. "We can all come out our problems and these songs are about this, overcoming your struggles" he added.

Kid Brunswick is set to open Don Broco's UK Tour with Noisy starting October 25th from Newcastle and you can find all dates here.

Here's a photo selection from Federica Burelli to make you understand how the night went:

Words by Sal F.

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