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Kev Kelly - Tilt

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

This may be a bold statement to make, but if your looking for one of the hottest and emerging pop artists to light 2022 on fire, then American-singer songwriter Kev Kelly may very well be your main man. Having already released Faster and Royal Blue, Kev returns with his latest single Tilt which was released on 20th May 2022.

While there may be a vast amount of pop artists appearing left, right and centre, for me Kev Kelly is a cut above the rest because for a start you don’t even have to be a mega fan because you will find yourself singing along and connecting with the lyrics in next to no time. Tilt is also the type of song that puts some much needed feel good energy into your day, due to how refreshed and calm you feel the more and more you listen.

Sometimes people make this mistake of thinking that pop music has to be fast paced, but Kev Kelly shows us that although the tempo may be a little more slower, it nevertheless remains a thoroughly enjoyable song to listen to, whether your on own or just heading out with your headphones on watching the world pass by.

As a songwriter, I love as well as Kev Kelly’s music is quite personable. He is opening up his heart and his mind to the listener and taking them on a journey. Sometimes you can hear a piece of music and because your own thought patterns may not be syncing with what the artist is expressing you find yourself scratching your head or even forcing yourself to listen in order for you to understand the vibe. WIth Kev Kelly however you will find yourself almost instantaneously feeling that synergy and connection, that you cannot help but press that replay button on Tilt a good few times more.

I feel as well that Tilt is not only going to go on to be an anthem for most people’s summer’s this year, but I would not be surprised if also acts as a springboard for Kev just taking his evolution as an artist to new heights. Tilt is a song that will appeal to pretty much anyone, and before you say ‘pop aint really my thing’, trust me this is one exception you will be so damn happy you made. Up for the challenge? Start listening to Tilt today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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