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KERRIA - No More Single Review

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

You’d be lying if you said you haven’t spent the duration of lockdown hearing/singing Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’. Not because it was played on the radio relentlessly but because you were watching Tik Toks. Some of 2020s biggest tracks have come from the popular platform, so who wouldn’t jump on the hype to promote their new single?

KERRIA is a musician, songwriter and influencer with over 1000 Tik Tok followers and nearly 60k followers on Instagram. She’s a composer, has performed in musicals and won first place at the Suncane Skale Song Festival in Montenegro. I think it’s fair to say with an abundance of praiseworthy experience and achievements, that KERRIA is undoubtedly talented. Since collaborating with big names like Israeli composer Svika Pick and Grammy-award winning Walter Afanasieff, KERRIA has continued to pen emotionally driven material about important topics for her singles. As a big ambassador of equality and diversity, KERRIA has remained her compelling, influential and noble efforts to fight for what she believes in, with no exception in her fresh tune ‘No More’...

‘No More’ is a track about coming out of an abusive relationship and is a personal journey that winds us down the road of her brave story where she finally teaches us to not be afraid to speak up and put ourselves first. The kind of message we need her preferably young fanbase to hear. Written and produced by Andrew Kingslow (who has worked with the likes of James Arthur and Mutya Buena in the past), the poignant track is accompanied by a predictable Tik Tok themed music video where 90 Tik Tokers join in to put their own, creative spin on the song. Both the music video and the track pair well together and are unmistakably something you would expect from KERRIA.

For me, the music video was a little overdone as I personally feel that we’re all a bit sick of seeing Tik Tokers in music videos. With such a beautiful and empowering song, I think the video should have matched the tone she was going with. KERRIA could have used victims of abusive relationships overcoming their struggles or could have done a more simple, raw clip to accommodate the already vibrant song that stands alone as a colourful, catchy tune which doesn’t need any extra gimmicks to spruce it up. However, with a generation filled with teenagers addicted to Tik Tok, I’m sure her fans will enjoy the video. Not to mention, the array of new viewers coming from the other Tik Toker’s platforms who promoted the song.

In terms of the track itself, I find it to be refreshing and uniquely spirited with an uplifting message which tells us to ‘let go’ and ‘there will be no more’. A track like this is sometimes needed as songs like ‘Say So’ can be fun, including themes of equality and strength will show her audience of all ages that it’s important to stand up for what they believe in. Something particularly relevant as the Black Lives Matter movement becomes more and more significant and with it being Pride month, it shows we all need to be an ally in the things we believe in.

We’re all on Tik Tok and if you’re not by now, you’ve probably been living under a very large rock. Therefore, there’s a pretty good chance of hearing ‘No More’ on your For You page or finding KERRIA at some point as you mindlessly scroll. So, stop scrolling and give it a listen as its key subjects are exactly what we, as a society, need to be focusing on. While the music video wasn’t for me, I’m sure someone who knows Tik Tok influencers will appreciate the line-up of talented creators coming together to support KERRIA in the montage. If you know of or support KERRIA, you will no doubt be thriving off this motivational bop.

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Review written by Holly Turner.

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