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Kawala will have you ready for Summer with new track ‘Chasing/Wasting Time’

Chasing/Wasting Time is unmistakably Kawala. It moves along at a similar rhythm to their biggest hit Do it Like You Do which makes it almost impossible to not bop along to. The Summery indie-folk pop that the band do best is on full display in this track, making it a perfect tune to get you geared up for Spring and Summer.

The song wastes no time in getting going. The joyful acoustic guitars and distinctive voice of vocalist Jim Higson are immediately present to establish the upbeat melody on the track that is present throughout. However, as is often the case with upbeat sounding songs, the lyrics tell a different story.

Lyrically, Chasing/Wasting Time describes a race and it uses this race, as a metaphor to explore how difficult it is to make it in the music game’, but translates really well into a metaphor for the difficulties people face in everyday life. ‘Are you chasing and wasting time / Feel the fear but more the pride / You keep on chasing a space in time’ is a lyric that appears multiple times throughout the song and perfectly demonstrates the self-doubt that exists within all of us. The feeling of not being sure if we’re good enough, never sure if what we are doing is right.

Despite this, the song is ultimately hopeful thanks to the driving rhythm and upbeat vibes that Kawala achieve effortlessly with their style. The feeling of hope is matched by the lyric ‘I know it’s risky, but the sound of the gun will push you hard and fill your lungs’ which suggests we all have the capability to soldier on if we dig deep enough.

Chasing/Wasting Time is a tune that is unbelievably hard not to dance along to (trust me, I tried). Its lyrics are easy to memorise and will be stuck in your head for a while after listening to it. This joyous infectiousness is sure to make it a favourite of their set at upcoming tour dates and festival appearances.

Article By Matt Codd

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