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katie MAC - It Is What It Is

She may be based over in LA, but I am forever thankful for the power of the internet for introducing me to the mind blowing world of katie MAC. On 15th September 2022, this talented soul released her latest single, It Is What It Is and oh my day listening to it is like a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for something where you get that instant connection whilst you resonate with the lyrics, then this is the song for you.

On a personal level I have had so much going on in side my life and in my head, with thoughts coming through my mind in every direction imaginable, and so if like me you ever feel yourself getting to the point of becoming overwhelmed, well listening to katie MAC is the perfect remedy to help get you out of that place.

What I love about the lyrics for example is just how katie MAC just says it how it is, does not sugarcoat anything and just comes at you from a place of honesty, thus making you as a listener realise you are not alone. One of my favourite lines has to be ‘even though it hurts, holding on is worse’. To the naked eye that may not sound like much, but to anyone having a bit of a tough day emotionally, then that line in my eyes represents much needed strength. It almost feels like in that moment our new bff and sister from another mister for life, katie MAC is giving us all a much needed hug through her music.

We all need a bit of positive encouragement in our lives, and when it comes from someone who acknowledges all those crappy feelings but turns them into something wholesome that is when tracks such as It Is What It Is take on this whole new life and become something that extra bit powerful. It may have only been released five days ago, but I have a good feeling that while this may be your first introduction to katie MAC, trust me, hand on heart it certainly won’t be the last.

Available to listen to now, don’t miss out and check out It Is What It Is by katie MAC right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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