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Justin Jesso RELEASES "The End"

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Justin Jesso has unveiled his stunning new single ‘The End’.

The track is accompanied by an atmospheric video that kicks off a limited visual series telling a bittersweet love story with every episode. ‘The End’ marks the first in the sequence, featuring Justin alongside renowned US actress Jearnest Corchado. The plot is told backwards and reaches its denouement or beginning in the last part. Of course, we don’t want to spoil anything at this point, however, we strongly recommend you to stay tuned!

Love in all its facets has always been the greatest source of inspiration for Justin and his music. A sheer unsolvable mystery baring constant surprises: fortune and joy, but also disappointment, pain, and loneliness when mutual affection eventually fades. Justin Jesso knows all these emotions from his own experiences as he confesses on his new heartache ballad ‘The End’. The single reflects the desire to turn back time to happier days for a few seconds, to feel light-hearted and carefree once again, and pretend for one brief moment that the shared path hasn’t ended yet.

Justin Jesso has firmly established himself as one of the most in demand artists, collaborators and songwriters around. His first big breakthrough came as a vocalist and co-writer of Kygo’s global smash “Stargazing” which has amassed over 700 million streams. He’s also continued to release multi-award winning hits such as ‘Bigger Than’ and ‘If You’re Meant To Come Back’, as well as collaborating with artists as diverse as Ricky Martin, Nina Nesbitt, AJ Mitchell, The Backstreet Boys and Armin Van Buuren.

Justin Jesso’s mesmerising new single ‘The End’ is out now!

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