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Juno Roome - just like before

Released on 8th April 2022, just like before is the beautiful new track by US based singer-songwriter juno roome. Having given the track myself, I must say from the moment you press that play button you find yourself feeling capitaved. This is my first time experiencing juno roome’s music first hand, but I can tell has the potential to become one of the formidable song-writers of his generation, with their being such depth to help the listener to resonate especially when listening to a track such as just like before.

I find whenever I am on the hunt for any new music, I always want something which grabs my attention and stops me mid-thought, a pleasant type of distraction so to speak which brings a refreshing feeling to your day. just like before is the perfect representation of a song that does exactly this, and both as a song and the poetic vocals of juno roome himself, you find yourself just getting lost in the music as you embrace each and every poetic word that this talented artist radiates through this song.

I wait in excitement to find out what the future holds for juno roome and look forward to the opportunity to hear more of his beautiful music.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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