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Jovi Skyler: The Aesthetic of ‘Nothing To Do’

Updated: Sep 14

Having been working hard in the background crafting his art, Australian based singer-songwriter Jovi Skyler is back with his brand new record Nothing To Do. For those of amongst us learning his name for the first time, what I can tell you about Jovi is that he is a passionate artist who lives and breathes music like its part of his DNA. It’s that kind of love and commitment for an art form which is priceless.

Prior to this new album, Jovi has already got a few other accomplishments under his belt including his single Love Bite which came out in 2019 and also his self titled EP back in in 2020, so I was intrigued to hear for myself what this latest chapter would look like. So without further ado let me guide you through just some of the main strengths that Nothing To Do has on offer.

The album starts with opening track If You Think So which has somewhat of a late 90s grunge vibe to it, similar to the style of music I was exploring when I was in my teen years. Lyrically the song goes from starting with just something which has a series of random statements to something skillfully poetic, brought together perfectly with a very catchy chorus. Listening along by the end you will no doubt be finding your self humming or chanting the lines "If You Think So, Noone Knows", with a few "....sha la la las..." thrown in for good measure. What I also like about this opening song is although it might be just over 3 minutes, Jovi has given us all a great first impression by packing the song with a healthy level of diversity.

One of my favourite songs from the album is Danger Land, especially as you can really feel Jovi stepping into his environment especially when he is going for those high notes during the chorus. You want an idea of what Jovi is like when he is in his element, then this song is the prime example of that which makes things fun to experience.

There is always a song on any record which always be a grower, especially for a first time listener, and personally for me Tattoos would be one of those tracks, because after a couple of listens the song will draw you in with its playful nature. Those modest guitar solos we experience in parts of the song help to bring everything nicely.

Another must listen to track would also be Virtual Reality because it has plenty of character to it, and like the rest of the songs on the album shows the experimental and out of the box thinking of Jovi, especially when it comes to the songwriter part of the equation. It is also a very good choice to go straight too especially if your in the mood to sing along at the top of your voice. I can already tell from the vibe what this song would be like if performed live - a lot of carnage, fun and adrenaline.

The album ends strongly with Survivor where you are drawn in instantly just by the beat of the drums and the music itself, and In my opinion is a good choice for ending a great album on even more of a high.

With Nothing To Do consisting of 10 songs, looking back I would say every single song this record has, has its own key part with each having its own identity whilst also fitting nicely into the overall aesthetic of the album. Talking of the aesthetic it would be rude to listen to this album and not take the opportunity to appreciate the creative and vibrant artwork, which suggests to me that Jovi is the kind of out of the box artist with may different layers to his creativity but none of them boring in the slightest.

With the album out there in the world, the key question to ask ourselves is do we let the moment pass us by, or do we embrace and welcome it for what it has to offer, I for one based on how fun it was to listen, know which option I would go for.

Nothing To Do is available on all major music platforms so you have no excuse not to give it a listen - you won’t regret it.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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