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Joker's Hand Release Latest EP ‘Pride Before The Panic’

Updated: Mar 14

Having already created quite an impression within the music scene not just in their home city of LA but also further a field, duo Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau from Joker's Hand are celebrating the the start of their 2024 campaign with the release of their third EP, Pride Before The Panic which was officially released into the world on 16th February 2024. 

Consisting of 6 tracks, the EP is the prime example of how both Kevin and Matt are continuing to thrive as one of the most exciting bands around, as a world of shared passion, a love of good heartfelt honesty and a strong unbreakable bond of friendship unite. 

Having already heard so many good things about Joker's Hand, not just from buddies out in LA but also the vibe I was picking up on online, I was only too honoured to take the opportunity to personally listen to Pride Before The Panic myself. 

The EP begins with a totally atmospheric introductory tracks which feels like a prologue or the appetiser for the goodness that follows. It may only be less than a minute and half long, but nevertheless it succeeds in drawing us music fans in, especially with intriguing lyrics such as ‘we are going to cure the world of it’s pain’. The start of any body of music is so important to helping to build a positive first impression, so it makes me so smile that this introductory track succeeds in capturing the full attention of the listener. 

We then move on nicely to Highly Functioning Mind, and wow the energy in this song is so insane, and well if you love yourself some good heart rock and roll with rhythm and style and punchy lyrics to sing along to, then this song is definitely one which will get you straight up on your feet. I really admire the way that Joker's Hand don’t just deliver with the energy, but they also match it with some pretty deep and powerful song writing which ignites a connection in the listener. There are so many great lines to choose, but my favourite is ‘...elevation, illumination, fabrication of a highly functioning mind’. This is the type of song that if ever you saw it performed lived I can imagine everyone would be like an explosion of dopamine for the mind!

The adrenaline fix continues to roll with the third track, Break From The Simulation, and wow there is even more richness in packed into this song. For example at the start of the song we get a tease of Joker's Hand slight rapping skills which adds a nice twist to the duo’s already dynamic sound which has so much variety to it. For example imagine if you could have the mix of styles of Limp Bizkit, Hoobastank, Mayday Parade merged into one, well that is what you would get from a song. I would quite simply describe Break From The Simulation as the crème de la crème for any music fan!

Half way through the EP, and all I can feel right now is a whole lot of love for Joker's Hand, which keeps flourishing with every single song I have listened to it. This is the type of EP where you best cancel all other plans in your diary, because you will just want to listen to every single song at least 4 or 5 times on loop before moving onto the next haha!

Any way let’s continue. Next up we have the very engaging and stimulating track Peace Of Mind, which is just written with such open and honest intentions with lyrics such as ‘words come out of your mouth, hate the sound, drown you out’. I love the fact that this song, pardon the pun, is an extension of the mind, with Joker's Hand not holding back or biting their tongue. Confidence comes in all shapes and forms, but I think in the context of this song, that confidence is manifested through courage and boldness to just be open away the way people who come in and out of your life make you feel. 

The penultimate track comes in the shape of Apparition which I can only describe as a shot of adrenaline in your arm, because it feels like something is unleashed within you as you feed on the energy of this song. Again much like the rest of the songs on this EP the fluidity of the song writing creates such a strong flow of resonance in the mind of the listener especially when you have great lines like ‘they said it’s all in my head, no going back, I tried it, drowning in words left unsaid, I cannot stand the silence’. 

Having thoroughly enjoyed everything from start to finish, the EP comes to a close with final track IDFWU. Saving the best to last, with a song which sees Joker's Hand ending on a high and sees Joker's Hand showcase all their best qualities and strengths all at once - epic rhythm, mind blowing energy and some pretty powerful songwriting. 

In a time where bands like Sum 41, You Me At Six and others are calling it a day, we can thank the Lord that we have bands like Joker's Hand and EP’s like Pride Before The Panic to continue to carry the torch forward. There are not enough words to describe or even emphasise just how much love and respect I have for this EP, to call it one of my absolute favourites would be an understatement. Jokers Hand are going places and I for one am so excited to see what the future holds for one of the coolest and memorable new bands around! 

Available on all major platforms, check out  Pride Before The Panic today!

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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