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We've been trying to get a glimpse at what JC was working on for so long but no chance! He knew he was up to something. After a successful 2019, with many shows, co-writing and what happened to be his debut EP "When The Light Hits The Room", not even a pandemic can stop him. After gaining success with "Bones" and hitting the charts with "Too Many Nights" with fellow friend and songwriter 220 Kid, we can't wait what next year has on hold for JC Stewart and we're here to witness his success.

We tried to choose our favourite song off "When The Light Hits The Room" but we can't decide. It's impossible! It might be one of the best EP's ever released in this strange year. So we had a chat with JC himself a couple of days before the release of the EP and here's what he told us!

How has lockdown affected you? What did you do?

It’s been both one of the weirdest and one of the best times in my life. I got to go back to Northern Ireland and live with my family for the first time in 5 years. We cooked, walked the fields, played table tennis and I got time and space to write some of my favourite music that I’ve ever written. I’m super grateful for that time

From writing for other people to being on stage. Why this transition?

It was never really a transition but more of something I was always doing along side each other and still am really. I started as an artist when I was 16ish and released some music but obviously wasn’t close to being ready. Gradually I found that myself success was lying in writing songs for other artists and I really loved that so I pushed more into that world. It was only in 2018 that I decided to have one proper crack at being an artist. Now or never really.

Can you tell us more about Jennifer Aniston re-posting your FRIENDS's song theme and you going viral?

What a mad day. I recorded the video in about 2 minutes and really didn’t think much of it. People ask me how I came up with the idea but I don’t know if I ever did. It was just one of those things that happened! A week goes by and the video started picking up views after being posted on 9gag and then, out of nowhere, Jennifer posted it and I was on US news. Not sure I knew what to do really haha.

Your new single is Too Many Nights, with 220 Kid. How did you end up collaborating?

It was something that was set up by our separate labels, as a lot of these things are. I went and recorded it without ever meeting Will because I loved the song. Then, when I’d arrived back in London, we met up and have been, worryingly, very very good friends ever since. 

Bones is your first ever track. What has changed?

My first track was actually a song called Parachute wayyyy back and before that there were a lot of unreleased songs. Everything has changed. If you’d told me that I would get to release my music on my dream label and that people would actually be waiting to hear it and care about it, I would have passed. I’m genuinely living every dream I’ve had right now. I’ve got the most amazing group of people around me and as long as they stay and I get to keep writing songs, I’ll keep living that dream

You keep teasing us online about your EP, can you tell us more about it?

 It was born in lockdown and finished a few weeks ago with one of my heroes, Tom Odell. It is the most authentic I ever been, the most honest I have ever felt and the proudest I have ever been of my work. Every song has a purpose in it and I hope people can find there own meaning from them all.

You're very active on social media, how important is that for artists nowadays?

It is super important. Especially during the pandemic, it lets people who want to listen to your music into your world in a way they would never be able to otherwise. I think every artist also really struggles with it and it has had a negative impact on my mental health when I’ve gotten too obsessed with it but, used in the right way, it can be amazing

In an ideal world without a pandemic, what are your projects for 2021?

Touring, festivals, more touring, some music, touring again, then probably a beach somewhere

Follow JC on his journey here.

"When The Light Hits The Room" is out now.

Article by Sal Fasone.

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