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Jamie Stoffa - Too Late

Looking for that next anthem which you can sing out loud to at the top of your lungs to? Well we have just the recommendation - Jamie Stoffa and his latest single Too Late. This is one of those pop-punk tracks which will feel like someone has just taken your adrenaline levels to a state of ecstasy and the more you listen, every beat, every lyric and the voice of Jamie Stoffa himself will just take you on a ride which you could just wish you live in the moment forever.

I am not going to lie, when the intro of the song began it is nice and steady that I thought it was going to be a chill kinda song, but then bam hello big choruses and pure intense energy - get off that chair and get on your feet and start dancing like your living your best life ever. Sometimes people say “ooo be careful don’t play your music too loudly you dont want to disturb the person near you” but to hell with that because Too Late is the type of song (thanks to Jamie’ sparkle and appeal as an artist) that makes you want to crank up that the volume and say to the the on lookers, “stop what your doing and come listen to Jamie Stoffa and Too Late - it will blow your mind”.

Ya’ll might be thinking that this sounds like an exaggeration but even after 30 seconds of listening to Too Late the only sin committed is keeping the goodness of this latest track to yourself.

I can seriously see this song and Jamie Stoffa setting music fans into a frenzy especially if this song was ever performed live at one of this year’s countless festivals such as Slam Dunk, Warped Tour, and hell even Coachella - why not! Music is meant for sharing and celebrating, and this is certainly one of those moments.

I had no prior knowledge of Jamie Stoffa before I heard this song, so not only has he just earned himself a new fan (President of the Jamie Stoffa fan club on the horizon I feel haha), but also i feel that after being enlightened by this song, already today feels like such a good day! So what are you waiting for start listening today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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