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Jai Trent x Tae Trent - Mobbin’

If he isn’t by now, then hopefully its not too long until Jai Trent becomes your brand new boo and favourite hip-hop artist. Jai has got off to a flying start in 2022 with a string of successful tracks, so it came as good news to many when he announced he would be dropping his brand new beat Mobbin’ which was released 1st April 2022.

This track sees Jai collaborating with brother Tae, to create a song which I can only describe as explosive due to how good it is. I have been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately, more than I usually do, but this song by Jai and Tae is the outright leader. I just admire the raw honesty in the the lyrics and it is executed in a way which makes it even more relatable.

When you compare Mobbin’ with other tracks Jai has worked on, you can see some serious growth, and Mobbin’ really shows how this US artist is stepping up his game even more. Being a brand new fan, this only makes me even more excited to see what is next for Jai Trent.

As I said the track is already out now, so if you haven’t already be sure ya’ll go give it some lovin because honestly Mobbin’ is only a drop in the ocean of the brilliant potential that Jai Trent is capable of.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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