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JACK HENDERSON - Unveils 'Nobody Gets Hurt' || New album: 'Where's The Revolution' - out October

Glasgow songwriter and multi-instrumentalist - JACK HENDERSON - returns today with a new single ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’.  Out today (21 August), the track is the latest to emerge from Jack’s forthcoming album, Where’s The Revolution (released 2 October 2020 via Fretsore Records). PRE-ORDER HERE

Shooting sharp lyrical observations through a haze of gossamer synthesizers and lilting acoustics, ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ is at once hymnal and haunting. Mulling over notions of fate and destiny, success and failure, the universe and our place in it; Henderson delves deep into the human psyche with probing philosophical purpose. Like an intimate session with a shrink for the first time, Henderson’s thoughts impact with frank, incisive and ultimately constructive honesty.

As Henderson says of the track: 

Giving up on a dream often entails the painful acceptance of a perceived failure. Having set ourselves goals and applied ourselves to them we finally come to acknowledge there’s no cosmic certainty to how things work out merely because we dedicate our efforts to notions of being true to ourselves. What then remains for us is finding new meaning for our lives and reassessing what being true to ourselves might look like in light of a new reality.” 

Reminiscent of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan or Tom Waits at their most pared-back, vulnerable and thought provoking, with Jack’s earthy vocal at the forefront, lyrics like: “You can trust me every inch on this one Darling, you can have my word, just put the dream down darling, And nobody gets hurt” are sure to send shivers.

“Nobody Gets Hurt” directly follows lead single “Hey Batman”, with each offering our first glimpses into Henderson’s upcoming album: Where’s The Revolution (out 2nd October 2020 on Fretsore Records). Self-recorded outside Henderson’s hometown of Glasgow, the ten track release sees the UK singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist on inspired creative form to deliver a solo album in its truest sense. Of making the record, Henderson says: 

“If necessity is the mother of invention then Where’s The Revolution is largely the result of that confluence of necessity and invention. Sometimes limitations can be liberating and for this album I wanted to explore what would happen if I recorded, produced and more or less played everything myself whilst embracing those limitations, both physical and financial, head on. There was no overarching manifesto and I wanted to let the songs dictate their own course and allow the imposed imperfections to constitute the very soul of the record.” Respected by musos and musicians across the globe, Henderson has performed and recorded extensively across North America, Europe and Australia, including multiple tours with Americana band Over The Rhine and rootsy Canadian outfit Cowboy Junkies. He has shared stages with the likes of Buddy Miller, Sarah McLachlan and Ron Sexsmith, and recently performed on stage with Patti Smith at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow. During his two-decade long career, he has recorded and performed in New York with Patti Smith's producer and bass player, Tony Shanahan, and worked with Marc Ribot, (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello), Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon), Jon Graboff (Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow), David Mansfield (Bob Dylan, T-Bone Burnett, Bruce Hornsby) and Joan as Policewoman.  Nearly 20 years on from his acclaimed debut Cheap Tattoo (2001), Jack Henderson has lost none of the spirit or guts that set him apart from the songwriting pack. An artist on a creative streak once more and with plenty left to say, he’s now readying the follow-up to his applauded Sharkey’s Parade EP of last year (also released by Fretsore Records). On 2 October 2020, Henderson returns to the label with a full length studio effort of strident prowess and arresting character that demands to be heard: Where’s The Revolution.

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