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J.R.P Serial Releases "Oasis" Album

Venturing across the Caribbean Sea, I happened to come across a polished gem that is yearning for the world to experience his shine: young and upcoming artist J.R.P Seriel. 

Allow me to introduce you to your next eclectic earworm: J.R.P Seriel is a singer/songwriter, record producer and poet from Puerto Rico, embarking on a journey to share his music with fans from all over the world. Developing a passion for virtuosic singing from the early age of ten, J.R.P Seriel was inspired to craft original music in his early adolescent years after hearing the music of artists like Lorde, Tame Impala and Kate Bush. 

Being a proud musician, undeterred by autism and synaesthesia, J.R.P Seriel is back with latest album ‘Oasis’ – bigger, brighter, and better than ever! 

Without further ado, let’s take a dive into some of the songs from ‘Oasis’ that have made it an album to listen to on repeat! 


One of my favourite tracks from this album is of the name ‘Moonlight’ and shimmers with an iridescence appropriate of its title! Adorned with a kittenish celerity, the guitar riff is combed into billowing tresses of infectious arpeggios. Isolated initially, the guitar pirouettes to the edge of the vocal tacet, leaping from the peak with an eruptive emergence of J.R.P Seriel’s vocals. Like gold lacquer lacing around ceramic, Seriel’s sultry, zesty voice pours over the soft percussive chasms that the mellow drumming acquaints us with as the track progresses. 

Sung with high-pitched purity and energised synergy, the harmonies created between the vocal and instrumental compositions is reminiscent of an explosive beach party across a romantic shoreline. The listener feels as if they are dancing in the middle of a mirthful gathering, curling their feet around the pearly sand, bathed in silver moonlight. It is simply angelic. 

The soulful rhythm of the track is satisfyingly smooth, made unique with the smatterings of Spanish-inflected spice that permeates across the entirety of the single, carrying us towards a lulling diminuendo in which the listener is reminded to:

‘Breathe in / Breathe out.’ 

Echoing how soothing the track is, even within the darting dynamics of the chorus, I don’t oft hear high-energy bops that make me feel at ease, whilst simultaneously making me want to grab a beer and jive! 


The next track we will be looking into is titled ‘Footsteps’ which – alike all of J.R.P Seriel’s songs from ‘Oasis’ – was produced from the ground up entirely independently; the mirthful twang of his guitar riffs acting as the foundation. Seriel has stated that this album is divided into two lanes: the tranquil, earthy mood of his more chilled, alleviated melodies, contrasting brilliantly to the glimmering, glittering otherworldliness of psychedelia. With ‘Footsteps’, I feel like the listener experiences the perfect balance of both brushstrokes. 

Playful pizzicatos, Alborosie-reminiscent vocals and razor-spitting percussive elements are what the listener can expect with ‘Footsteps’. Stirred together impeccably, the melody within the track are spiced with flicks of acidic haziness in J.R.P Seriel’s vocal performance; tempered only by the crisp, honed pulses of that power-plunked drumbeat. 

Bombilating with buzzy timbres, the encompassing rhythm polishes that buzz within the track’s tightly-knitted, polyphonic textures. J.R.P Seriel is ten paces ahead with his producing/mixing talents, every element shines just enough to not send the track snowballing into an incoherent mania. I tip my hat to J.R.P Seriel! 


‘I get up in the morning / And question / My mission.’ 

So starts one of the most introspective songs from ‘Oasis’: ‘Come Alive’.

‘Oasis’ being J.R.P Seriel’s fifth album, following a kaleidoscope of tonalities in prior albums like ‘Reverie’ and ‘Voltage’, the Puerto-Rican prodigy elected for a stripped-down, more natural feel for his latest endeavour. For me, ‘Come Alive’ is the epitome of the honest, emotive manner in which these latest tracks are constructed with. 

Tethered to a poignant composition, the guitar progressions are mellifluously embellished with feather-light chiming that acts a sugar-sweet – almost childlike – peek into the looking glass. Crafted delicately, the harmonies concoct a romantic dreamscape, reminiscent of the rippling reflection of stars atop a moonglade, ebbing between the silky-soft adagio tempos. 

Homely and down-to-earth, the vocals compliment the loud-quiet dynamics, displaying slivers of haunting, morose depth in every note. 

What was most impressive to me, especially after hearing ‘Come Alive’, was how well-executed every tonal shift was across the album. Covering topics like meditation, nature, and introspection, incorporating characteristics from a multitude of genres, J.R.P Seriel has uncovered brilliant shades of humanity across this album. 


‘Oasis’ is the latest album from Puerto-Rican singer/songwriter J.R.P Seriel, and as the title suggests, the tracks are refreshing and unique as such; this is truly an oasis of spirituality. However, I feel certain tracks could have a more refined direction. At times, I felt like there were two albums within ‘Oasis’ that would’ve seemed more appropriate having been separated. 

Regardless of that, the talent of J.R.P Seriel cannot be understated, and I am without a doubt that this will not be the last we hear of him! 

‘Oasis’ is available to stream now! 

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