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Izza Gara - Not That Hot

Love your R&B? Well we cannot wait to tell you about Sweden based Alternative Pop and R&B singer, Izza Gara and her brand new single Not That Hot which came out exactly a week ago on 20th May 2022.

What I love about this track is how deeply moving and honest. It also feels quite poetic too, especially when you really pay close attention to the journey that Izza Gara is taking us on. Izza herself has such a stunning and powerful voice where you can really tell the passion and emotion in her voice, which only makes Not That Hot all the more inviting to listen to.

Me personally I can sometimes be a bit hit and miss about listening to R&B, just due to there noone really grabbing my attention, so for me Izza Gara is that game changer who is giving me a new appreciation for a genre which is not my normal go to. You have your Rihanna’s, Ariana’s and Doja Cats of the world (all awesome in their special way), but Izza is that new comer who will make you pause and stand to attention with just how her music just blows you away. By the end not will you be thinking you can’t get enough of Not That Hot, but you will also be wondering to yourself ‘Danggggg Izza Gara where have you been my whole life’.

To my knowledge the last time Izza released any music was back in 2020 when she dropped Yours, which don’t get me wrong is still a pretty decent song, but fast forward 2 years later and you can really tell how she has brought her A Game. Drop the mic moment as Izza Gara is here to slay, slay, slay!

I am so excited not only to see how Not That Hot continues to blossom now that it is out there in the world, but also eager to see what Izza Gara goes on to achieve next! Available to listen to now, Not That Hot is one track you do not want to miss!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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