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It's "blue & Orange" with Riverview

From the cold and snowy streets of Montreal in Canada, Riverview is a 5-piece Alternative Pop-Rock band formed in 2019. Over the past couple months Riverview has focused on songwriting after all members left their old projects looking forward to reinvent their own sound. The band spent much of July 2019 in the studio with producer Anton DeLost (Seaway, Cory Wells, Lizzy Farrall) recording their debut EP which clearly showcases a groovy, but powerful and original sound. The first single "Better Days" has been released on November 29th of this year. Their EP will be out in early 2020 and a lot more is yet to come. Riverview are back with a debut single "Who Are You", here they tell us all about their formation, the track and ... their upcoming EP in this exclusive Q&A for

• How did you guys start the band? All of us were playing in a band together before, except for Marc. That project came to an end and we took a break working on our own stuff separately. A couple of months later, George met Marc in a bar on a random night. We knew the guy because we already had played a show with his old band years ago. He then told him to come over and take a beer at his place someday. A couple weeks later he past by Fil’s and George’s place, heard some songs Fil was working on and saw the studio they had. Marc fell in love with the songs, sang a couple of killer lines on those and we simply couldn’t resist that feeling we had. We booked the studio before even the songs we’re finished, the first time we jammed the songs together was actually when we got in the studio on July of 2019, and that’s when Riverview started.

• Why the name "Riverview"? It happened super randomly, we were thinking about the name of a street George used to live on but some band out there already had it. So Jeff just took his phone out and searched for all the street names of this same town and ended up finding Riverview street. We all thought it had a sweet touch to it so we kept it! • You got to play a lot of shows in the past with various bands. What have you learnt from them? Sets happens very quickly, the set up as much as the actual show. So, having all that experience with previous bands just makes it a routine and a pretty awesome thing to do actually because it gives you more time to appreciate the moment, and that is especially amazing when you’re living that moment surrounded with your best friends on stage.  • What made you realize that it was time to get together and create Riverview?When we were Booking the studio session, we sat down and asked ourselves "Are we really doing it?". And we haven’t stopped putting work into this project since. • "Who You Are" is your latest track. What is it about?  Who You Are is about parting ways with someone close without any good reason and having a hard time reconnecting with this person. As if the time spent apart from one another was enough to lose the compatibility and memories you created with that said friend, to finally realize that you are two different persons and that nothing will ever be the same in this relationship. • What was the writing and recording process behind it? When our old project died, there was this gap where we had nothing to do. Filip started writing the songs in our studio and when Marc hopped in, he passed by as often as he could to lay down some melodies with Filip and George. After countless studio sessions, we came up with the demos we brought to Anton. Anton Delost is the producer behind the band. We went to see him in Toronto for 2 weeks in July and recorded some songs. The sessions with him were amazing and he really brought the best of us the whole time we were there. He clearly wanted to make a solid EP, so that was very inspiring. • You have a new EP coming up. Can you tell us more about it? It’s blue and orange. • What’s next for Riverview?

Everything’s happening so quickly right now, we’re still planning things out a little bit, but our debut EP ’’Conflate’’ should be out this fall. Other than that, we’ll have some couple shows coming soon and surely a lot more.

Find out more about Riverview here.

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