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ISA - Girl You Lost

Hailing from Sweden, singer songwriter ISA is back with her brand new single Girl You Lost which was released on 13th September 2022. While this may be my first introduction to her world, what I really loved about checking out this track as a newbie was how easily relatable I found it. Many of you will know by now when it comes to music. I love it when I see such depth and honesty making up the integral DNA of a song, and listening to Girl You Lost is a shining example of what that looks and sounds like.

We have all been in that situation where we have loved someone, given them our best, or maybe even let our guard down to let them into our heart, only to have them mess with our mind and screw us over. Well ISA gets where your coming from and in her words ‘You expect me to forgive you, fuck you I don’t love you anymore…I am just a girl that you lost, she don’t love you anymore’. There is something about hearing those words, and as you sing along to them with ISA, you go from a place of feeling hurt and heart broken to a feeling empowered and strong, as you stand with your head held high. It is one of those ‘you gooooo girl’ moments.

What is good as well about this song (and this is one of ISA’s strengths and gifts as a songwriter) is how it can be adaptable to anyone and any situation regardless of gender. As a guy I can recall many romances of the heart or even close friendships where I have felt such hurt, so listening to Girl You Lost is a safe space for helping you navigate through all those sad feelings but coming out the other side stronger.

ISA has this ability to put us at ease with her music, and the more I listen to Girl You Lost on repeat, the more and more I smile, because this is the type of song which you cannot help get enough of and that you will have no shame singing at the top of your lungs with the volume cranked right up - zero fucks given!

I shall be keeping a close eye to see what great tunes ISA releases next but for now I give out a cheer of appreciation in celebration of this incredible song by my new and favourite Swedish pop artist. Don’t miss out, and listen to Girl You Lost today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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