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Is this all there is; a captivating debut single by ‘The Distance’

Cover art by: Pegawai Ngaku Seniman

A captivating debut single is released by refreshingly classic duo, ‘The Distance’. An elegant fusion of classic blues-rock guitar and heavenly, soulful harmonies host earnest lyrics, asking, ‘Is this all there is’.

Made up of singer and performer Bridie and musician and producer Quentin, the Sheffield based duo amalgamated their talents during the 2020 lockdown, utilising their isolation creatively. The pair’s rich history in music, including performances from Bridie at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and numerous theatres both nationally and globally, and Quentin’s rock-infused background as lead singer and guitarist for the London based Raging Bull, now readies itself for the next chapter as The Distance prepare for their upcoming album.

The first taste we receive is debut single Is this all there is, released July 30th. Enchanted immediately by a charming blues-riff that continues throughout, we are met with Bridie’s dreamy vocals calling lyrics of a more melancholy tone; ‘walk the city streets, my aching feet/ waking up alone, and I’m far from home’. Displayed here is an intelligent lyrical combination; the classic blues trope of expressing sorrowful emotion, then placed in a modern, urban environment. Ultimately creating an original piece. The title lyric is layered with hazy harmonies from Quentin that give this number a mystical undertone, layering the refined acoustic track.

Despite being their first release, an elegant and assured sound has been immediately established by the duo, and consequently, we as listeners are hooked onto the masterly sound of The Distance.



Article by Catherine Anderson

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