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Introducing The World of Noisy: Press Space to Play

‘Fun! Nice! Life! Youths! Beautiful! I'm all for it,’ words uttered by the rather enthusiastic lady at the 1970s Isle of Wight festival and famously sampled by Oasis. Well, this quote seems like a good way to introduce NOISY. Seaside town Worthing in the UK and its neat surf and skate scene was the place the lads met, and over the years, formed a bond leading to the band.

Producer-guitarist Spencer made a cute home studio, which was where, for the past 18 months, guitarist Conner and singer/rapper Cody created their sound. A late-night push from their manager secured a signing to Island Records, and wanting to do what it says on the tin, the aim is to release boisterous, disorderly tunes, reaching out to their generation.

NOISY are certainly not interested in pleasing all, and they won't; good on them. Their music is for 20 somethings trying to let go, to detach themselves from the vastly unsettling things going on in the world around them. Reflected in all the lyrics on their latest EP release Press Space to Play, the single So What shouts, “I got good times, I got music, I got this brain and I don’t know how to use it.” It’s not deep; it expresses a brash honestly. A clear drum and bass influence can be heard but is certainly more melodic and a catchy little thing.

Opening track Bring The Drums Back has more distorted, electronic-sounding voices against a big-beat and synthy background. After the single So What, we come to Do It Like That, which is the most anthemic of the bunch and after a dramatic breakdown, launches back into the loud, full and sing-along chorus. Finally, we find Afraid. This track is starker, more paired back than the others, concluding with a quirky little sound bath that ends this EP.

Dare we say these lads have a touch of East 17 about them? Raw and truthful, they have an in-your-face attitude, and bags of enviable confidence. They seem to lap up all chances that are given and love their experience. Full of energy, NOISY has drive and spirit and a youthful outlook. Picture a glorious Worthing sunset, tunes blasting with the anticipation of what mischief the night could bring, and you’ll be about there.

Article by Beverley Knight

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