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Introducing CAMP ELWOOD - a new pop-up staycation-destination launching this summer

Picture the scene. Closing your laptop after another day working from home, the surroundings you’ve become all too familiar with ringing in another groundhog day. The weekly Zoom calls and reports are put to the back of your mind, as for a few days you welcome in a refreshing new experience. This is Camp Elwood, an opportunity for those with a nomadic spirit and a thirst to escape the city, to get away from it all, for a break full of entertainment, mouthwatering food & drink, adventure and so much more in one of the most spectacular settings in the UK.

Camp Elwood is a pop-up campground and the ultimate summer retreat.

Spend a weekend away from the world, the complete vacation experience...

A carefully curated outdoor vacation, there’s an entire world to explore around Camp Elwood’s stunning coastal home. Discover unspoilt beaches in the wilds of the Holkham landscape, skimming stones on a glorious summer’s day and strolling through pinewood forests and expansive sand dunes. Feast on a vast array of culinary delights, with incredible flavours and tastes ready to be devoured from tacos to stacked Southern platters, from vibrant vegan masterpieces to sweet guilty pleasures. Come nightfall, settle into Camp Elwood’s programme of entertainment with music, craft beers and margaritas aplenty - before closing the night around a roaring campfire with marshmallows toasting in the moonlight. It’s an opportunity to leave the stresses of the world behind and enjoy the company of friends in a setting unrivalled across the UK.

Stay at your leisure, with accommodation for all tastes...

Immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle and wake up on the coast in your home away from home with our vast array of accommodation options. For those after a bit of luxury, there are deluxe bell-tents for all sizes, or bring your own and reserve pre-booked campervan spots and pitch & park plots - with all the essential amenities you’ll need at your fingertips for that unrivalled moment of escape from the outside world.

Experiences to be found at every turn...

Within Camp Elwood, there’s an appetising array of activities, workshops and communal pastimes. Enjoy wild swimming, paddle-boarding and canoeing on the lake, try your hand at macrame and tie-dye, have fun experimenting at cocktail masterclasses or engage in tarot readings and campfire astrology after a day spent biking across the broad coastal terrain - Camp Elwood is a voyage of gentle discovery and simple pleasures.

A setting unlike any other

Nestled on the North Norfolk coast, Holkham sits as a true breathtaking gem of the gorgeous British countryside - bringing together spectacular views, incredible landscapes and with the Holkham National Nature Reserve, a raw and untouched peek into a world unlike any other. Everything you could ask for from a home full of natural beauty, Holkham and its surroundings offer the perfect backdrop to your summer escape at Camp Elwood - with nothing but woods, sand, sea and sky for as far as the eye can see. It’s all there and more, taking a trip into tranquility and freedom in a stunning pocket of the UK.

With limited space available, bookings at Camp Elwood are encouraged early - with 3,4 and 7 night accommodation/plots able to be secured with just a 10% deposit at:

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