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Ingrid And The Ministers - Bowie

Officially released on 31st March 2023, Australian trio Ingrid And The Ministers are back with their brand new and quite dreamy single, Bowie. What you will notice in a matter of seconds is how this song will automatically put you in a good mood, to the point where you are swaying along with a smile on your face.

Bowie just feeds such a positive vibe on such a wholesome and enriching way be that the lyrics which captivate your mind, to the vocals which just draw you in, where you cannot help but immerse yourself from head to toe in the every drop of bliss that the song has on offer.

The name Ingrid And The Ministers has actually crossed my path in the past, but regardless of whether this is your first listen or not, Bowie is one of those special select few songs out their in the universe that anyone can feel an automatic connection with.

I could quite happily sit here for days on end listening to this song on repeat, which is perfect for that quality down time after a very long day, or quite simply spending time creating beautiful memories with that someone special. Dare I say it, but Ingrid And The Ministers may have very well introduced me to the soundtrack of my 2023.

I for one cannot wait for Ingrid And The Ministers to introduce me to even more of their great music. Looking for your new favourite song and band of the year, look no further because this song truly speaks for itself. Happy listening.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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