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In Conversation With Cande Y Paulo

There is nothing I love more than discovering music from other parts of the world, so it was a huge pleasure when I was introduced to the Argentinian minimalistic jazz duo known as Cande y Paulo.

Having recently released their latest single 'Barro Tal Vez' music fans across the globe have already embraced this beautiful song with open arms which has resulted in over 10 million views on YouTube alone

To find out more we caught up with the amazing duo themselves!

Bienvenidos mis amigos, están bien? Tell us how life has been treating you lately?

Hi ​Thushara , its a pleasure to meet you and thanks for inviting us to this interview.

Cande: - We all agree it is an important time to reflect on everything. At the same time, I think that everyone who works with music is always ready for the uncertainty of what is next (laughs).

Paulo: - We travelled a lot before and were away for over a year going back and forth between Barcelona, London and LA working on our new album. We are now back at home in San Juan (Argentina), working a lot, practising and enjoying being close to our friends and families.

Congratulation on your latest single, 'Barro Tal Vez'. What has made you smile most about creating that beautiful song?

Paulo: - Thanks a lot, it’s great to hear you like it! We always laugh a lot, we are like partners in crime when it comes to music and really with everything. However, we did not smile much when it came to recording this song. We did everything we could to connect with the music and the spirituality hidden within this very special song. Both times we recorded this track were magical moments, and it sparked deep connection between us both.

Already the response based on the music video alone has received such love on YouTube. When you were told that already it had received 10 million views, what went through your head?

Cande: We really had no expectations when we recorded and filmed this… Let alone thinking it would be watched over 10 million times. One day I called Paulo and said go onto YouTube, something is happening (laughs). We realised something was happening when there was a big jump in views and people sharing it continuously including a lot of well-known artists. Soon it was getting recommended by YouTube itself… Since then we have been working harder than ever (laughs).

What I really love about this song is that not only is it a enchanting jazz song, but it is also a representation of your love for each other and your shared passion of music. How even more special does it make it when the person you are sharing this journey with knows your heart?

Cande: - But it is not a Jazz track. That is the most magical part about it, the original is closer to a “Zamba” a very particular folkloric Argentine rhythm. I think that makes it a little hypnotic and extremely beautiful. Back to your question, this is by no ways romantic at times (laughs). A couple is a couple, work is work and music is the intellectual connection between two parallel worlds. However, it is very special that we get to experience all of this together.

Having recently signed to Decca Records, how have they allowed you to embrace your identity as Cande y Paulo?

Cande: - We hated being independent musicians in the past (laughs). We did everything alone and with the help of friends. At some point I was the PR person, Paulo the graphic designer and so on with all the it takes to get a project going. Now we are really happy and grateful with the label, from the very beginning they supported us and were very respectful of where we come from and where we want to go. They represent us exactly how we are: Cande y Paulo, mountains, deserts and whatever… With a little more style too (laughs).

Paulo: - Decca has helped us a lot throughout this process, we have a very human and warm connection with the whole team. It is such a pleasure and honour to work with such an iconic label.

The beautiful language of your mother tongue is brought to life in this song, and to have a song purely in Spanish is so endearing and breath taking. I know this because I must of watched the video at least 8 times on repeat already haha. Do you feel working on this song has enabled you to be even more prouder about your Argentinian culture?

Paulo: - Haha thanks. The song is from a composer that all Argentines love, he is one of our godfathers of rock. We all grew up listening to Spinetta and especially this song. It is a real honour as Argentines, that it has been listened to so many times around the world and that it is the first single of our debut album. The fact that it’s in Spanish also teases a bit of the album and our take on music.

When people listen to Barro Tal Vez, what is the vision that you would like them to discover about who you are as musicians?

Cande: - I think that everyone who listens to Barro Tal Vez feels and discovers different things. We can see it from the comments people leave on the videos. I think that people see two very invested artists, that love the music they make, and that is what we feel true to the nature of what we are doing.

Paulo: - Our music is minimalist and simple, but we try to make it intense and vibrant with energy.

The song itself was written by Luis Alberto Spinetta when he was only 14 years old. What was it about Luis’ story that resonated with you?

Paulo: - Yes Spinetta wrote the song as a child. We grew up listening to it and what is surprising is that with time the song’s meaning evolves gaining more depth. I heard it for the first time when I was 12 and I understood something completely different to what I understand from it now. The song talks about the dispossession of the body and material things. It is incredible when you think just how old he was when he wrote it.

How did you find being able to balance the original story behind the song whilst still being able to add your own special and breath-taking twist?

Paulo: - When we arranged the track we tried to capture the simplicity of the song, making it as simple while capturing as much energy as possible. We did it an afternoon during a rehearsal and it went very quickly. It was spontaneous and we let ourselves go. We didn’t want to show off, just the flow and the magic within the song.

We understand you are also working on another exciting project at the moment – your debut album. How is that process going so far? Any little secrets you can tease us with?

Paulo: - We are finishing the album now. We recorded most of it in Los Angeles with the incredible producer Larry Klein. It was an enchanting experience. Larry is not only a genius but such a wonderful human being, generous and sensitive. He makes sure everything flows and as such the experience was the best one we have had. Anthony Wilson did guitars and Victori Indrizzo played drums, both of whom are incredible musicians and added so much to the recording. We had a lot of fun, playing basketball matches during our breaks (laughs). Now we are finishing the final touches and it sounds amazing.

As you look at the road ahead, what do the next steps look like for Cande y Paulo?

Paulo: - We really hope we can get on the road soon and share the album in a live setting. We know it will be an unforgettable experience for us and hopefully those who join us. Beyond that, we want to make more music and enjoy the journey alongside the people listening and those who work with us.

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Article By Thushara

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