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Holy Holy: 12th February 2019 - Tyne Theatre Newcastle

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Now Ziggy really sang, or should I say the seven immense performers who used their dynamic flair to join forces and create ‘Holy Holy’ really sang. Woodmansey, Visconti, Gregory, Stevenson, Cuddeford, Morgan and Scott are the powers that make up the renowned band. It was a night to remember and while it was confirmed by Glen Gregory himself that Newcastle was the most lively of their shows so far, I think it would be near impossible to greater the elation that was undoubtedly in the atmosphere that night. With the last standing member of the Ziggy lineup, it was evident that the audience would be in awe with Woody but with a performance as great as what I saw on the 12th of February, Woodmansey has clearly maintained his impeccable talent for drumming and also for his love of music. I also got the pleasure of meeting him after the show and he was very kind, with a real eagerness to see younger generations enjoying his music that he has been loving for over forty years. Woody played on The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane. He was part of ‘The Spider From Mars’ backing band for David Bowie and many more!

On bass was the legendary Tony Visconti who is known for producing some of the greatest albums of all time. He produced Bowie albums Low, Heroes and Young Americans and has worked with the likes of T.Rex, Thin Lizzy, Sparks and The Stranglers to name a few. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Visconti also played bass on The Man Who Sold The World and demonstrated it live for us all to enjoy. It was also nice to see Jessica Lee Morgan (Visconti’s talented daughter) as part of the band alongside her Dad. Playing sax and guitar she showed astonishing talent until she performed ‘Lady Stardust’ which blew the crowd away! She had an angelic voice which was one of my many highlights of the night.

James Stevenson and Paul Cuddeford were both on guitar elevating the audience once again with their limitless skills. Cuddeford has co written and co produced Lisa Ronson’s ‘The Emperors Of Medieval Japan’ ( Mick Ronson’s daughter) and he has also played in Bob Geldof’s band in recent years . Stevenson is a punk rock/ new wave artist known for being in Chelsea, Generation X and The Cult. We also had keyboardist Berenice Scott, known for being in Heaven 17 alongside Glen Gregory (Vocals). She’s also had albums released including the excellent 2014’s ‘Polarity’ .

Finally, the immeasurable vocalist Glen Gregory who did Bowie’s legacy proud, performed the albums The Man Who Sold The World and Ziggy Stardust in their entirety and a handful of crowd pleasing songs for the encore. Gregory was incredible! His energy and passion for pleasing the theatre filled with Bowie fanatics did him well as he brought the music to life and from the first track ‘Running Gun Blues’ he had feet stomping and whistles from the very dazzled crowd. He did an exceptional job and had everyone on their feet as he launched into the second album of the evening, ‘Ziggy Stardust’! He came on for an encore and sang hits including ‘Life On Mars’ and ended with the famous ‘Rebel Rebel’ which was by far the best moment of the night. I personally enjoyed ‘Suffragette City’ (one of my favourite Bowie songs) which we got to witness alongside Woodmansey who played drums on the original album. Wow!

I would more than recommend going to see one of the upcoming ‘Holy Holy’ shows. You are bound to be on your feet by the end of the night and leaving breathless after you witness some of the greatest musicians right in front of you. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and will for sure be returning to one of their next shows in the future. Don’t miss out, you’ll regret it!

Article by H. Turner

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