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Here's The Thing: A Review Of Debut Album Deep Down Happy By Sports Team

Attacking the senses at full throttle, Sports Team is up to the brim with youthful vitality that, whether you like them or not, they are raising eyebrows. The six-piece is going for it all right, in their chaotic way, and rinsing it, but debut album Deep Down Happy has proved that they have substance to back this unbreakable attitude, which is fair to say has surprised some.

They went head to head in the charts recently, sparking a comical yet competitive battle to claim that number one spot against petit powerhouse Lady Gaga. It nostalgically held a slight air of ‘Who do you like best, Oasis or Blur?’ We know how it went down, but if you’re going to lose to a global superstar like Lady G, it’s a commendable result, sure.

Initially, you may think that their vibe will attract a younger tribe, but just like The Inbetweeners, they have appeal for all ages, as we can all relate to it in some way. In their LP, the individually enticing voice of singer Alex Rice paints a vivid picture with crystal clear clarity topped with a sprinkling of the swagger of a young Jagger, lifted with the tight-knit playing of the whole band; thoroughly lush to see an accomplished female drummer in Al Greenwood too.

Opening with the punk-influenced Lander, it has a spoken word lilt neatly looking at a lack of ambition and encapsulates all the best things about the Sports using their impressive bass riffs to full advantage. I have already claimed that French maestro MYD has given us the song of the summer in Together We Stand, but one more can’t hurt right? So I’m adding infectious Going Soft. It’s such a genius anthem and check out the video showcasing precisely what the band is. We reach a slower-paced moment in Long Hot Summer, where we see the trials and tribulations of a possible summer relationship: I’d rather be dead than caught in your web.

For Feels Like Fun, it was the first time I thought we hit a weaker track as it didn’t ignite the same spark, but I was wrong. It takes you by surprise as it takes a thrashy turn near the end, which gladly restored my faith. An internal conversation occurs in Here’s The Thing about all the conflicting information society receive to the point where who knows what to believe anymore with 'it’s all just lies lies lies lies' ending the examples. Although track Kutcher shows that humour again, it’s also a cracking song, with a bonus woozy guitar solo.

It’s all got a touch of the early Arctics- observational and intelligent- albeit just featuring a different part and experience of England. Ones to watch, it’s going to kick off big style for Sports Team, with pure energetic glee to feel as a fan. By all accounts, seeing them live is an unusual and frantic thing, and, with their UK tour next April, secure your tix NOW. ‘I love it! Room for everybody here. Yes, all are welcome! Yes indeed, I love them! Fun! Nice! Life! Youths! Beautiful! I'm all for it.’

Article by Beverley Knight

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