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Her Motives Are Silent - Pieces

When I heard the brand new single, Pieces by Her Motives Are Silent for the very first time, I remember how I found this wave of emotion come over me as I listened on to a track which I found myself connecting to almost instantaneously.

To call the track breathtaking I feel would be an understatement, because how each of the elements this track comprises of are really so powerful. For instance you have the vocals of Her Motives Are Silent, better known as Alan Michael Valenzuela, which is elevated even more when combined with the melodies and instrumental skills, to make Pieces a song which has a lot of character.

Sometimes when people talk about a good bottle of wine, they say how it has a good body and flavour, Pieces is a prime example of that but articulated through music.

My initial impressions of Alan himself as a composer, musician and producer is that he strikes me as someone who does not shy away from pushing the boundaries of creativity when it comes to music, with tracks like Pieces where he channels being a good starting point for any new listener stepping into the world of Her Motives Are Silent for the very first time.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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