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HEGAZY - Do You Want Me Now

I always love when I am talking to a buddy and they tell me about their recommendations of who I should be checking out in the world of music. Knowing a few great friends over US, there a was a name that kept coming up time and time again in conversations - Leila and Omnia Hegazy better known as HEGAZY.

The two twin sisters from New York, having being well established solo artists, prior to forming HEGAZY, joined forces through their shared love of music and have already delighted their fans with two great tracks this year. To the excitement of many of their fans, the two sisters announced they would be releasing their brand new track Do You Want Me Now which came out on the 29th April 2022.

Having listened to this single, and also watched the music video too, I was left feeling moved and emotional and just how powerful Do You Want Me Now is as a song. The lyrics without giving too much away, take a look at that situation some of us have in life, where we are trapped in that toxic culture where we are wrapped up in trying to be change ourselves to gain the approval of others, whether that be that person we have a crush or even in those relationships which can feel quite controlling and we are questioning our own self worth.

Listening to Do You Want Me Now, I feel what HEGAZY is doing is takes those situations and turn it on its head, and almost giving people who have experienced similar their voice back, and as a result give us a song which actually feels quite empowering.

Vocally I find both Leila and Omnia really compliment each other well, having stunning and captivating voices, whilst also bringing their own special unique vibe to HEGAZY which just elevates their music even more. When I heard Do You Want Me Now for the very first time, I felt that instant connection, and now up to my 10th time listening to it since, I still feel that very same bond, if anything as a new fan of HEGAZY that bond has only strengthened even more.

I feel so blessed I was finally able to experience some HEGAZY music first hand for a change, and finally put a face and a voice so to speak to this sibling duo that I kept being told about. My only regret is not investing in their music further, because if anything these sisters have just earned themselves one fan who will find a lot of strength, confidence and solitude in their music, all thanks to amazing tracks such as Do You Want Me Now.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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