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Hayden Everett Releases Brand New EP, I MissThe Sky

Updated: May 29

Seattle based singer-songwriter Hayden Everett follows up his debut EP, All Else, with his brand new EP, I Miss The Sky which was released on 26th April 2024. Consisting of 6 stunning tracks this is probably one of the most life giving bodies of work I have ever heard. 

Hayden has this ability to create a deep, but soothing vibe to his music, which is what makes his abilities as a musician just so powerful and wholesome, and it is good to see I Miss The Sky is just a continuation of this. 

So with that being said, its time to take a much deeper look into the EP, because there are so many countless positive things I have to say, and I will burst with excitement if I try and keep them to myself ha!

The EP begins with See You Soon, and from the outset Hayden Everett wears his heart on his sleeve, as he just pours out such honesty and emotion into this song, which is lyrically a little bit vulnerable on the one hand, but heart warming on the other. The beauty of the song writing speaks for himself and I love how Hayden has taken words such as, ‘I miss that Northern town, tucked up by Seattle in one big ol’ cloud, your probably home by now, should I move there by tomorrow, incase we work it out, or am I gonna let you down, can I see you soon’ and amplifies them in such a poetic way. 

Harry Potter fans also keep your ears on alert to, as their is a reference here you may like hidden inside one of the verses, 'I am more like Moaning Myrtle but half as loud, I've got my own ghost town' . Made me smile when I heard that!

This is the type of song which feels really relaxing to listen to, but also from a listener perspective really gets inside your mind. You are feeling the music, not just listening to it. 

Coma which follows next, continues to showcase the power and impact of Hayden Everett’s music, and whilst it may only be roughly 1 minute 43 seconds long, is just packed with so much rawness that I could not help but be overcome by such a intense level of emotion, especially when hearing lyrics such as, ‘I miss her eyes, and how they could write a book without a single word, and I miss my mind, put it in a coma so it can’t get hurt’. 

Coma just reminds me of those moments where we are just trying to be still with our emotions and the things life puts us through, and taking that opportunity to just listen to what your heart is saying and breathe. Less of a love poem to yourself, and more like the chance for an honest conversation. 

Track number 3, Seize The Sun, the only way I can describe the whole aurora of this song is to call it wholesome, and even that would be an understatement. The gentleness of the acoustic guitar at the beginning really helps to set the tone for this song, because the simplicity of the music is also its greatest strength, as we are getting to witness the true magic and spark of Hayden Everett in his purest of form without any fancy filters. Authentic and real, just like any good music should be. 

I love every single lyric which is represented in Seize The Sun, but I think one of my favourites would have to be ‘why don’t we both come back down to the ground and listen, ain't no shame in intermission now, just one step back is much less to figure out, bout time we get back to kissing, all this talk has blurred our vision now, so why don’t we seize the sun while it’s still around’.

There is a lot of true and solitude that we can take away from Seize The Sun, and I think it just allows the space to just recognise when it comes to our conversations with one another, be that a loved one or a friend, we don’t always have to go 100 miles per hour, because there is just as much more beauty around us when we just take a step back and make the most of the moment. 

Jet Plane, is probably one of my all time favourites of this EP, because I am just love the extra level of beauty and freshness that Hayden Everett has brought to this John Denver classic. 

As a John Denver fan, the original was pretty cool, but Hayden has revitalised this song and made it his own as the words ‘So kiss me and smile for me, Tell me that you'll wait for me, Hold me like you'll never let me go,  'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane,  Don't know when I'll be back again,  Oh babe, I hate to go’ just come alive in such a beautiful way. Hearing this song is making my admiration for Hayden Everett grow stronger by the second. 

As I sit here, listening with my earphones with a smile on my face, this is the type of song that I could put on repeat as I just glance out the window, day dreaming as the world passes by.

Now the strength of Hayden Everett is not just limited to his song writing, but also his ability to create beauty out of the simplicity of sound, so a great way to embrace what that looks and feels like is with 7th Street. A purely instrumental piece, Hayden plays the piano in such an eloquent way as the whole dynamic of this masterpiece just surrounds you as a listener. 

After 5 of the most breathtaking and warming tracks you could ever hear, the EP comes to a close with closing track For Winter, which we just see all of Hayden’s special qualities as an artist all combining into one. We have the continuation of the the captivating piano, combined with the gentle but poetic strength of the lyrics, containing lines such as “if only you can trust my love, but you can’t hear me, if only I can awake the sleeping eyes within your head, to see the magic of your breath, the magic of your every single move’ and ‘I promise were ok, ok, ok’ just adding extra wholesomeness to the song. What a way to bring the EP to a close in such style. 

The power and the impactful magnitude of I Miss The Sky speaks for itself, and I think from listening to the whole EP from start to finish, on repeat, this is the EP who never want to put down. We are blessed to live in a time where we can feel a great connection to the music we welcome into our lives, and Hayden Everatt is one of those stand out names in music that will continue to bring that joy with him.

Available on all major platforms, I Miss The Sky is available today.

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Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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