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Hannah Robinson - Nineteen

If you have been keeping your ear to the ground in the local music scene here in the North East, you will have no doubt have had the pleasure of being able to check out the music of singer-songwriter Hannah Robinson. Hailing from Gateshead, Hannah has continued to thrive with her music, with this year especially being one where it feels that she has truly brought her A game, and as a result got many music fans in the region full of excitement and praise for her continued growth. As a die hard Hannah Robinson fan myself for the past few years, it always fill me with happy tears whenever I discover that one of my absolute favourite local artists has released brand new music.

On the 5th August 2022, after much anticipation Hannah released her brand new single, nineteen, which is probably the most heartfelt and candid she has ever been as she looks honestly and openly to what her life was like when she was nineteen year old. For her it was a period in her life which she went through a number of challenges in life, but at the same time for me, Nineteen is also a song which represents strength because despite the paths of life which came her way at that age, they were part of a powerful and inspirational journey who have made her the incredible person she is today.

Photo By Callum Robinson

Sometimes sharing such a vulnerable part of your life when you are a musician can be quite daunting, because ultimately you are inviting the world into your deepest and rawest emotions, but you know what, despite all of that, Hannah delivers this song with such confidence and courage, making it all the more breathtaking as a song.

What I love about all of her music is how relatable it can be to us music fans, and Nineteen is certainly no different because this is songwriting on a higher level with lines such as ‘I wish I could take away the pain’ and ‘where are you going, so far from home, do you want to live this life all on your own?’ being some of the most powerful lines I have ever heard, to the point that I cannot help but be filled with such emotion.

Regardless of who you are, I believe that this latest song by Hannah Robinson is one we can all find ourselves having a personal bond with, as I am sure there have been moments in life where it has felt like we have had to go head to head with that inner monologue within our own minds. If you see the bigger picture, then Nineteen serves as showing you that you are not alone, and yes while it may be tackling vulnerability it is also a song for encouraging us to see hope in life and not giving up regardless of how tough things might feel at first.

Listening to Nineteen just re-affirms how Hannah Robinson continues to carve and establish herself as key part of the North East music scene in a way which sees her being welcome and respected with open arms and total admiration. From everyone here at DARKUS we wish Hannah all the best for her continued journey and look forward to celebrating even more captivating beautiful songs and milestones in the months and years to come.

Photo By Callum Robinson

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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