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Greetings from mexico - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Back in 2019 we were introduced to a brilliant Mexican acoustic rock duo by the name of Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Last year was such a great year for them as it was one which saw the release of their latest album Mettavolution as we a US and a European Tour.

We caught up with Rodrigo to find out a little more about one of Mexico’s coolest musicians.

Bienvenidas amigas! It’s such a pleasure to welcome you. How has 2019 treated you so far? Hola! Darkus, Rodrigo here, ¿Qué pasa? Very well indeed. The new album came out in April, so we were busy doing promo for that, both in Europe and the States, and then we went out on tour. In 2019 you toured the USA; did those shows go well? Really well! It was a long tour, but we got to play outdoors in some beautiful venues like the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Last year you released your latest album, Mettavolution, which was also your first in 5 years; what did enjoy most about working on that record? Getting it finished! It took quite a long time for the songs to come together, we work quite slowly on new material, and then we are on tour a lot. We had a lot of pieces, which we eventually distilled down to the songs on the album. The actual recording process was relatively short.

Was there anything you did, or wanted to, do differently with Mettavolution compared to your previous albums? This might sound like a small detail, but I changed the size of my plectrum. It’s a larger pick now, and it has shaped my recent playing. We groove a little more than we used to. Also, I think our song-writing has got more concise. You both share a passion for Buddhism; have you tried to incorporate any of the Buddhist values from the way you live your lives into your music? It’s a daily operation, I play guitar everyday and I meditate everyday. I’m trying to be a better person on the inside, and I hope that is reflected in my outlook and music. Over your remarkable 24-year journey in music, how do you feel that you both continue to inspire each other as musicians? Gabriela is such an inspiring woman to be around, both as a friend, band-mate and musician, that it doesn’t feel like any time at all. Back in April 2019, you did a number of shows around Europe, including one in London. What did you most enjoy most about those dates?

The Roundhouse is a great venue, we always have such a good time when we play there. And we are starting to build more of a following in Germany and Poland, so it’s always good to discover new cities on tour.

It’s no secret that you both love to perform live; what does the spirit of live music mean to you?

It’s about being alive to the moment. At the best gigs, the audience becomes part of the band, and vice-versa.

Do you have any message for all your incredible fans that have been so supportive over the years?

Gracias amigos! Without your support and encouragement we would probably now be the oldest buskers on Grafton Street.

What are your plans for the end of the year after the UK and European tours?

We have a couple of exciting projects lined up, which should see the light of day before the end of the year.

We wish you all the best and hope that the great vibes that Rodrigo y Gabriela bring continue to grow.

Thanks, see you down the front.

To find out more information about Rodrigo Y Gabriela visit

Article By Thushara

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