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Gratitude From Gallagher: Liam Shares Sad Song

During lockdown, Indie hero Liam Gallagher has played his part in keeping morale up for his troops. His Twitter presence - from the unforgettable washing hands videos to positive affirmations, to the odd tipsy musing – is a fascinating thing to observe. The millisecond he shares his thoughts, hundreds of people spring into action, replying with the inane or profound, all aiming high for that elusive reply from their legend.

Many of the messages have been about our precious NHS during COVID 19 informing him of an exhausted relative who has just completed a mammoth shift or themselves even getting ready to face their day. This, along with everything they are tirelessly doing to protect us, encouraged Liam to announce that he is playing a free concert for NHS staff at the O2 on October 29th.

His album MTV Unplugged is released June 12th and was recorded at Hull City Hall last summer. Song Gone came first, and now the next single Sad Song is upon us. Originally, this was a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Definitely Maybe and it was Noel who added the vocals, but fans caught a glimpse of Liam singing an early demo on the astounding Supersonic: a documentary about Oasis’ meteoric rise to fame, which managed to capture not just that, but a what 90s mean to us all.

In the atmospheric, warm orange setting, Liam introduces old band pal Bonehead on guitar, and the tune starts simply. Gallagher’s voice is in fine fettle, emotion pouring out; trademark parka zipped high; shades on. It owns its simplistic beauty, just like its neighbours Half The World Away and Talk tonight. There are no epic changes or bold moments, and the Urban Soul Orchestra enhances its euphony. Liam adds a slight air of vulnerability as he confesses,

Where we're living in this town

The sun is coming up and it's going down

But it's all just the same at the end of the day

More now than never these prevalent lyrics reminded us that it is imperative to speak out for change and ask for a friendly shoulder or ear when needed. He then reflects,

If your honest and you say that you did You know that I would give you my hand

Or a sad song In a lonely place

The song ends, and Liam responds to the audience full of emotion in his typical fashion with ‘nice one’, lapping up the loving vibes.

Knowing how much his followers cherish his memorabilia, he kindly throws his water bottle into the crowd, understanding that it will be completely cherished by the grateful receiver. It is obvious how LG utterly appreciates his fans, so much so that he is running an exclusive Zoom chat competition where twenty winners will join himself and Bonehead to chat about MTV Unplugged and any other subjects that come to mind from Gallagher, I'm sure of it.

Everyone who buys any version of MTV Unplugged or who register here will be entered into the competition. All pre-orders will receive instant downloads of Sad Song and Gone.

Article by Beverley Knight

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