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Gran Noir - Empty Heart

Released only on 8th April 2022, there are not enough words to explain just how much I have fallen in love with Empty Heart, the latest track by Switzerland based indie band Grand Noir.

From the get go this song grabs your attention and draws you with it. To quote one of their own lyrics, ‘...because of you, I begin to fly’, and well truth be told not did Gran Noir make me feel like that metaphorically, from a song writing point of view I truly appreciated and admired the poetic beauty behind the lyrics themselves. As a result this enhances Empty Heart to become more than a song, but a love letter injected with raw and powerful emotion.

The more I listened to this track, the more Gran Noir was making a lasting and positive impact within my own mind. As far as I was concerned, Empty Heart gave me the ability to experience the beauty, wonder and the uplifting energy this track all in one place, only making me want to invest in Grand Noir even more.

The indie music scene has a lot of rising names, but I can honestly say that Grand Noir are certainly one emerging name we all need to keep an eye out for.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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