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During the onset of the evolving covid-19 crisis, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Grace Inspace found herself fleeing a rental apartment in LA for the unpopulated safety of rural California. Sleeping in the back of a pick-up truck and bathing in the icy waters of the Smith River, she headed for her family homestead in the Six rivers region of the Siskiyou Mountains. Her new song, Off The Grid is the sonic embodiment of the premonitory dream you have right before everyone is donning masks and growing their own kale.

Born in California and raised in London, Grace introduced herself last year with debut EP Lazy Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen, pt. 1Off The Grid is the first song in her upcoming collection, Lazy Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen, pt. 2, and is out now on all major platforms via AWAL.

“This song is born of two worlds and a pick up truck. It was recorded in a home studio in Los Angeles with one of my drumming heroes Stephan Perkins sitting in before all this started melting down. Now is the time for this song, these worlds are colliding; there is a great learning going on.”

“I live somewhere between central London and an extremely rural outpost in California, where the pot plants grow high and the second amendment posters sit amicably alongside rainbow flags. Peace and tolerance!”

23-year-old Grace has a mature head on her young shoulders, with politically charged character-driven lyrics amidst collaged soundscapes. She’s currently sequestered in that 100-year-old cabin in the woods, writing and recording a second collection of songs.

OFF THE GRID is out now!

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