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It’s only a matter of days away until the world is able to finally the glorious tracks on Australian singer-songwriter Grace Amos’ debut EP, All ABT U, which comes out on the 2nd September 2022. In the meantime however Grace recently gave music fans a little teaser from the debut EP in the shape of her latest single, NOTHING TO SAY which was released on 5th August 2022.

A newbie to her music myself, my eyes lit up the very moment I press play on NOTHING TO SAY, and as someone who always looks for music which draws me, especially when listening to someone for the first time, this track certainly ticked all the right boxes. The more I listened the more excited I became, as it was the type of song which really does feel like a shot of adrenaline in your mind with those dopamine levels at a state of total bliss. Lyrically I am also impressed at how Grace gives us all a lesson in good songwriting which is delivered with such confidence. She may only be 18 years old, but my word she carries herself so well, and radiates an energy which leaves all music fans craving and wanting more.

NOTHING TO SAY is a punchy song, full of attitude, and says it how it is, which makes me warm to it even more, and if anything makes me even more determined to get my hands on her debut EP even more. Listening to this track, and knowing that 2nd September 2022 is only round the corner, in my view Grace has already started to put her best foot forward as she brings her A Game which will lead onto create many great things moving forward. She is not just the artist to watch, but the one which will in next to no time be a name which is celebrated for a long time to come.

Ready to join her on that journey - check out NOTHING TO SAY today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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