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Going crazy at Mad Hatter's (Gin) & Tea Party in London

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

If you feel a little bit mad, London has the best place for you. The Mad Hatters (Gin) & Tea Party comes to the UK for a pop up exclusive from September 14th until November 9th for a crazy experience you don’t want to miss.

In the heart of Notting Hill, the event is a full immersion into the insane story of the Mad Hatter’s “lunch” you may have seen on Alice in Wonderland. The event, which lasts about 2 hours is a funny-tricky storyline on how to escape the Queen of Hearts whilst … listening to music and making your own cocktail.

You’ll be welcomed with a gin and tonic, classy and easy, to fizzy up the night (bare in mind, you need to book your ticket which means you’ll have to pick up a time and a date for your experience), obviously, you’re invited to choose the flavour of your gin. Once you’re done with your drink, you’re invited to head next door to choose your favourite hat, the Mad Hatter in person will measure your head so that you can choose the perfect hat – make sure you try a few hats before you stick with one as the Mad Hatter purposely gives you wrong measurement. It’s time for another cocktails before the White Rabbit invites you to his hole where you can try desserts and more drink, followed by the best theatrical experience you can ever experience.

Don’t forget! Everyone’s mad at the party, you are too!

Get your tickets here for the strangest Fever Original event of the year.

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