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Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day!!

They say music moves you, with the band Opensight new album release ‘Mondo Fiction’, it can definitely be said this music movies you!!

Embracing themes that could be featured in classic movie scenes, from 70s car chases, a plot twist in a murder mystery all the way to the villain’s theme in a crime film, or the visit to an old graveyard in a supernatural thriller of horror film. The album presents each song as part of an All-nighter multi-feature presentation.

Speaking to Ivan Amaya, the frontman and mastermind behind the band Opensight, Darkus wanted to dig a little deeper into the ideas and influences for this intriguing, genre merging musical opus!

‘Well basically you end up with something that the grows very organically because you tend to pour everything that you like into what you're doing right? So basically you have like…you grow up listening to heavy metal and then you grow up watching horror films, crime films and you end up playing video games like Doom or Mortal Kombat or whatever that is, and then everything kind of gets organically included in what you're doing because you're doing music and you want the music to have a sense of adventure right? And you have like a you know we have the songs that sound like a 70s car chase scene from one of those hard boiled film from that time or another song that sounds like scenes from an Italian horror film from the late 60s or early 70s and so you basically, you pour everything that you like into what you're doing not only music wise but visual wise too.’

Ivan continues ‘You’ve seen the videos that are like Grindhouse trailers and you know exploitation films that are over the top hyperbole and you know that sense of excitement that you're watching something that is forbidden!! So the idea is basically have fun with it too, enjoy yourself, that's it! That's basically driving force behind Opensight.’

Following up on the musical influences for the release and where they come from, ranging from a soundscape straight from Lalo Schiffrin who wrote the theme from the film ‘Bullitt’ featuring Steve McQueen and then straight into some Iron Maiden type riffs.

Ivan laughs ‘he did the Dirty Harry ones too, yes that’s the kind of vibe, because it is like it's nothing new, you listen to Iron Maiden, you know the track ‘Where Eagles Dare’ and then you go and check the film; and they have ‘The Wicker Man’ and that's you know, one of my favourite British films, but then the dramatic thing has always been there in the metal world, but when I think about film music, I think people tend to go to the John Williams but I tend to go more to the westerns of Ennio Morricone, the jazz and funk of the 70s crime films and the sounds of the horror films of the 80s because those are the movies that I like the best!’

They say music moves you…… this music movies you!!’

Ivan continues ‘yes I like Star Wars films, I like big blockbuster movies but I have a special place in my heart for westerns, the gritty Western and the gritty horror films from the 70s and 80s and we allow ourselves in Opensight to use those sounds and they fit perfectly because we are generally attracted to that style….. Lalo Schifrin soundtrack from Dirty Harry or Death Wish and that sort of thing so you know film music can be any kind of music and that's one of the charms of film music, it can be any genre yeah, but the dramatic power of it and the sense of adventure is what makes it interesting and exciting!

Opensight, release full length album ‘Mondo Fiction’. Out February 4th. Independent Release.


1. In Here With Us

2. The Great Silence

3. Plot Twist

4. Stained Remains

5. Another New Beginning

6. Primitive Principle

7. Curse

8. Horror Vacui

9. Villain

10. Secrecy

11. Thunderball

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Article By Steve Harrison

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