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Gloss Coated Pop: A Listen To Step Inside By Barley Passable

We know that Australia is rather fond of its chic electro-pop, you only have to look as far as Kylie, Parcels and the DMA's for cast-iron proof, and applying for membership to that specific Aussie brigade is duo Barley Passable.

To relieve the monotony of studying, Kai Ollmann (guitars and vocals) and Davy Brown (keyboards and vocals) blended their love of electronica from around the globe and intrigue of distinctive sounds from past decades. Suddenly, it all felt tangible to produce vibrations of their own, bringing us to their latest release, Step Inside, out November 18th 2020.

Although this is the third official release from the enthusiastic pair, following previous singles All I Have and Whether or Not, Step Inside has developed into its form today from 2017, and is one of the boys' first nurtured seedlings. With the golden goal to bring the masses to the dance floor, the pair ramped up the funk and disco to complete the first single from their debut EP, due early next year. Kai and Davy unveil more,

“Revisiting old memories of young love, the song reflects on how perspective can shape how you come out of any situation. Telling a story of how being caught up in the moment of a relationship that turns sour can become so consuming that you lose all perspective. It is only with time that you can truly let go, move forward and hope to learn that where you are now is better off because of your past experiences.”

And just like how the song rose and grew with the boys, it covers the topic of learning from the past to shape a better future, notably those tough occasions where we feel they may break our vigour, but we survive stronger. The lyrics proclaim, "Those clocks are winding, so understand that it's letting go." Giving notice that dear life is short, do not cling on to the past.

Its speaking singing technique, I have also come across recently from Paris' Post-Punks Structures, is sturdy and fresh with a superb melody; I am a fan of this. The track emits an understated funk, matched with the confidence of dance music from France, never brash and a swirling union of guitars and synths.

“We’re really happy with ​Step Inside” the band adds. “After three years the track has taken on a personality that supports the lyrics and mood of the vocals and because of the extended process it has gone through it has become one of our favourite tracks so far”.

Produced by Barley Passable in their studio in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it was mixed James Christowski and mastered by Zino Mikorey. They have treated the tune to a a live set feel, especially in the section where the bass is removed only to hit back with gusto to end. Full of ambition, Barley Passable have harvested a glossy crop ready to satisfy a poppy, modern appetite.

Article by Beverley Knight

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