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Global Book Club

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Connecting the World through the Beauty of Literature

Photo Courtesy Of Todd Dorigo

Sometimes when you feel like spending a bit of quality me time, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch or sitting in the sun as you pick up a book and escape in the mind of the author and the characters they have created. In a world tends to be focused the digital era of social media and what is going on around us, the thought of being able to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and doing something such as reading a book, be it mystery, drama, love or general feel good vibes is actually quite refreshing.

Furthermore for the book lovers amongst us, we all have our favourite book which it doesn’t matter whether we have read countless times, it still makes us hooked. So what were to happen if you were able to share your favourite book with someone? Well, singer-songwriter Todd Dorigo, a guy who has always enjoyed reading especially when spending time on the road has come up with a brilliant incentive with some of his friends in LA.

In order to encourage us all to discover new literature whilst also allowing us to put forward our own recommendations, Todd came up with the idea of creating a special international book club, whereby those who are part of this are able to discover new and exciting books. Whether your based all the way in Australia, America, Europe and beyond, this is a society where anyone can become involved. Those involved could expect to get up to 35 books to check out, so for many people that would be a dream come true. As the saying goes, sharing is caring, with an incentive such as this not only are you discovering new literature but you are helping to keep such a special feeling you get from reading a book alive.

Todd will be announcing further details of this international community in due course so for any Instagrammers out there, be sure to check out his @todddorigo page. If that is not exciting enough, for any poetry fans Todd has also launched a special Poetry page called The Poetry Pit which combines reading and poetry and finds ways to connect everyone and contribute to the community very much like the global book club.

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