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Glen Matlock: The Therapy Of Music

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Having joined the iconic English punk band, The Buzzcocks when he was only 16 years old as a guitarist, Glen Matlock has such an incredible career which has seen him collaborate alongside many great names such as Iggy Pop, The Damned & Primal Scream.

Fast-forward to 2018 much to the excitement of many fans, it is a year which has seen Glen create his own identity as a solo artist, especially due to his remarkable solo album Good To Go which was released 21st September 2018.

With the album being out for a few months now, we were blessed to catch up with Glen to speak more about his exciting evolution, the new album and also hear some really inspirational accounts of what has made life as Glen Matlock that extra bit special.

How have you enjoying your last remaining months of 2018 so far?

I have been really busy all year. After we chat I will be going to do a bass session just to generate some new ideas. Want to hopefully end the year with a few more shows too maybe.

Do you feel as a whole it has been a good strong year for you?

It has been quite exciting. I was able to do a lot of things, including being fortunate to visit Korea twice.

Many congratulations on the release of your solo album Good To Go which came out in September. Are you happy with the response it has received so far not just from fans but fellow musicians too?

Yeah people seem to generally like it, and has received a good response.

I have played loads of acoustic shows over the years when I started making it on my own. Loads of people would ask me when I would be bringing out my own album, but at that time although I am always writing; I was enjoying just being able to play. I didn’t want to rush it though, and over time everything eventually fell into place.

To have my solo album out its hard to describe, but theirs a sense of accomplishment like being promoted from a middleweight to a heavyweight.

Having such an incredible career so far, how would you describe your relationship with music?

In a way song writing is a bit like therapy, for me anyway. It serves as a healthy outlet to help me to express what is on my mind and what is going on around me too. I think with the society we live in now when you are an artist who was part of a previous music scene it is a case of trying to think of ways to stay relevant in a generation which can be sometimes be more orientated towards more X Factor means of doing things.

What are you most proud of about the record which makes you smile every time you think about it?

I like that it is a record which encourages you to speak your mind. I don’t see it as a album, but more me having a conversation with the listener just like I have with myself when I am song writing.

When you are writing from such a honest and personal place are there any emotions or themes which require a little more TLC?

I just did it anyway. Working on Good To Go got me out of just sticking to one certain style like we did with the Sex Pistols.

What has been really good too is the opportunity to work with my friend Eric Slick, who was Bowie’s guitarist. Your just working on a track such as Sexy Beast, and without doing too much explaining to another person, Eric is the type who just knows what to do when it comes to looking for the sound you are looking for. In fact I would go as far to say that that track had a bit of a Americana element to it.

Speak To Soon is another of my favourite songs. Again if your listening to it to it for the first time you would of thought it was automatically one of mine. However having the chance to focus on my solo material has helped me to realise you shouldn’t have to write to fit a particular box, and should instead do what you want. Its good to see that from some of the feedback I have read so far about the album that people just seem to get it, which is all you could ever want as a musician.

August saw you play the 100 Club in SoHo. What was it like?

Yea it was good. Before that I also played at a festival in Blackpool, and just to be a little bit different as people are still new to the solo material I decided to do a cover of Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy but of course with my own twist.

People were just gobsmacked but in a good way haha!

Any plans you can share about what you have planned for coming months?

Well I will hopefully trying to arrange a tour in April and would also like the chance to do a bit more travelling – maybe Brazil.

A huge thank you to Glen, and as you can quite clearly a guy who has the same passion now, if not more, like he had when he was only 16. Good To Go, is definitely a record worth investing in, so be sure to get your hands on a copy and see first-hand just why Glen Matlock is one of those special few who will forever go on to create, inspire and make people smile.

Article by T.C

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