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Give me all Crosstown's doughnuts, please?

Crosstown is a scratch bakery in London specialising in sourdough doughnuts, small batch ice cream, homemade cookies, and specialty coffee. The company was founded in 2014 by JP Then and Adam Wills, starting as a street food stall. Crosstown has since grown into an omni-channel retailer and currently has 23 sites across, a delivery hub in Cambridge, as well as online nationwide ordering, events, catering, and wholesale segments.

As one of the most delicious doughnuts companies in the countries we had to try them. And here is what we tasted, in order of preference. Let me just say that I am usually not a fan of sweet food especially if it’s fruits and chocolate or vanilla, so this has been interesting to try. The following list is in order of preference. What an experience, can we get more please?

Vegan Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant Compote: probably my favorite one alongside the Matcha Tea one, I love peanut butter and the combination with the blackcurrant compote is just perfect. Probably too much blackcurrant compote but the peanut butter made it become my favourite one.

Matcha Tea: imagine drinking some matcha tea but you can actually bite it and have it in your mouth as edible? Yummy. I love the contrast of the matcha and the sweetness of the doughnut. Loved the cake texture with the glaze on top, the matcha wasn’t too strong and it was amazing.

Vegan Lychee & Raspberry: an explosion in my mouth, all fruity so no contrast which in this case was the best decision. Not at the top of the list just because it wasn’t anything special.

Chocolate Truffle: not a fan of chocolate, especially if it’s dark chocolate so that gave away the excitement. I categorically dislike dark chocolate, however I could taste the truffle and I’m sure no one does truffle doughnuts in the UK - might be wrong?

Vegan Mango & Chipotle: this one had to be my least favourite one as both mango and chipotle were too strong and I didn’t enjoy the chipotle, too bittery.

But how did Crosstown happen? Let’s find out more about the company with some interesting facts: in 2017 the brand launched a range of vegan sourdough doughnuts, made with alternative ingredients such as chia seeds, coconut butter and silken tofu, and were awarded Best Vegan Doughnuts by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 2018 and ‘The Best Doughnuts’ by Vegans of London in 2019. A selection of vegan flavours is available at all Crosstown locations and online.

In 2020, the brand extended their offering to include homemade cookies and ice cream. Crosstown Ice Cream is made in small batches, using traditional methods and the finest seasonal ingredients to develop real flavour and a smooth, silky finish. Each flavour can be paired with homemade toppings inspired by the brand’s award-winning doughnuts or served with dairy or oat milk for a refreshing shake. Crosstown Cookies and Ice Cream are available in-store and for online delivery, with orders placed at

So what’s our take on Crosstown? Go to your nearest branch. You don’t want to miss it!

Words by: Sal F.

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