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Ghost WriDer - Spot Me Fly

I cannot begin to tell you how long I have been dying to tell you about an incredible artist I discovered. Only two days ago after much anticiaption German based artist Ghost WriDer released his brand new single SPOT ME FLY, and oh my days I have been playing to my hearts content.

I had no clue who Ghost WriDer was before this month, but I am so happy I was able to be introduced to his world with this sensational hip-hop track. If you like your music to have energy, then SPOT ME FLY has plenty for you for sure. It is catchy, addictive and will have you dancing along too. There are some hip-hop tracks out there that sometimes feel like an absolute head-fuck because they go pretty deep, but SPOT ME FLY is instead one that teleports you into a place of ecstasy.

Me and my friends have this saying we hear something we like which goes ‘Absolute TUNE!’ - SPOT ME FLY is 100% one of those moments. Hell even just listening to it now I can’t help but feel the groove as I let Ghost WriDer guide me.

I have no shame in listening to this song on repeat for hours on end, because its the type of song where you just want to throw yourself into time and time again, with each listen being even more energised than the last.

I sure hope that Ghost WriDer comes to the UK soon because the more people check out SPOT ME FLY over the coming days, I can guarantee you now they will wanting to party with this amazing artist even more.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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