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Review: Fudge. Not A Threat, Just A Warning

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

With charisma forming a likeness to The Damned, a sound like an early Arctic Monkeys album and grungy guitarwork like something from Nirvana’s Nevermind, ‘Fudge.’ are the up and coming young band from Leeds. Consisting of band members Cam, Otto, Josh and Angus, the group are hell-bent on bringing more zest to the music scene and with the release of their latest track ‘Not A Threat, Just A Warning’, they have brought exactly that.

The first thing that largely resonated with me about ‘Fudge.’ was the commendable fact they wrote their own material. With very little effort going into most music these days, it is beyond praiseworthy to celebrate the individuals that merge the artistic flare to the array of admirable instruments. Not only that, but they bring an incomparable, unique flavour to the mix. They sound as good as they look and they give vent to the most provocative of performances which will soon be brought to us at the Leeds Lending Room on the 22nd February, something that I’ll be immensely disappointed to miss. Vocalist Cam states “It credits those on board and articulates frustration with passers by” which I wholly agree with considering you can almost hear the emotion penetrate through the guitar strings. Another thing that I also found rather distinctive about the group, was the contrast between the forceful bass and the softer vocals that pair with it. I really liked how the lyrics were audible as I feared a wailing pitch but was more than pleasantly surprised after hearing the warm tones in Cam’s bewildering vocals. Monumental!

This specific track ‘Not A Threat Just A Warning’ however, is first-rate excellence. It is something that would detonate a room with commotion and would leave dramatic impact once it had ended. A song you’ll be begging the DJ to play again and will be screaming for an encore at their eventual sold-out gigs (which lets face it, is bound to happen). Bass player Josh tells us that “it represents everything that the band stands for: energy; attitude; not taking life too seriously; and it really sets the tone for the coming year”. The gifted group clearly have a lot of passion for what they do and through their splendid song writing abilities, they certainly have the talent and if I hadn’t already made it clear, I live and breathe this song. I more than recommend having a listen on sound cloud for this track and a few of their other astonishing hits like ‘Walrus’, which is also incredible.

For me, I’ve always found it crucial to promote new talent and young and upcoming bands. Especially, if they’re trying to make a difference in the music scene and aren’t just following a trend. ‘Fudge.’ are one of a kind. They test the boundaries then break them further. They show some resemblance to The Stone Roses in my opinion and can undoubtedly see Cam becoming a younger Ian Brown. Seek out ‘Fudge.’, listen to the track and enjoy! I have very high hopes for this band in the future.

Article by H.Turner

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