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French Alps Tiger - Lost Boys

I have really been loving seeing the rise of incredible artists coming out of the Welsh Music scene, as there have been so many awesome names I have found myself falling in love with. The latest band to woo me so to speak is French Alps Tiger from South Wales and their latest song, Lost Boys.

Quite a punchy little number, Lost Boys takes you to a place of ecstasy where you find yourself really feeling the purest form of adrenaline rush as you witness what will probably be one of the best skate punk songs you hear in 2022. It did not take me long, as a first time listener to realise that I may have just stepped into the world of what could easily be one of the highly popular bands around.

Anyone that knows me, will know it just isn't the music which helps me to decide if a piece of music gets the thumbs up, but other factors as well such as the lyrics. In the case of Lost Boys, I can the narrative is something which can easily resonate with anyone, and come from a place of honesty almost as though you are just saying it how it is without trying to sugarcoat it. Not everyone has the ability to do that successfully, but French Alps Tigers are giving us all a lesson on how to do radiate that honest approach in style, and on that basis alone I would give them extra bonus points if I had my way.

I always like to imagine what it would be like to see what a song would look like if played live, and I think if French Alps Tiger played this on the road, that place of ecstasy I mentioned earlier, well it would have well and truly gone through the roof, as Lost Boys is the type of song to ignite that fire in heart of music fans within an instant. So let’s hope its not too long till we have to wait till we see French Alps Tiger on a stage as we all stand united singing at the top of our lungs to anthems such as Lost Boys!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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