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Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - blood, sweat & sticky

Photo By Sam Wall

20th November 2021 - Newcastle, O2 Academy

Like a bull in a china shop intent on smashing down the barriers of what a gig is supposed to be and giving us what a gig can be is a rare gift. I have been to a lot of shows now and it is somewhat of a rarity to be exposed to a new way of putting on a concert. Frank is unorthodox in his approach to both his music and his performances. After exclaiming that his fractured wrist hadn’t done anything to his vocal chords he was surfing amongst his fans within minutes, ordering shots at one bar and being carried to the other, eventually making it back to the stage all before third song had ended.

An act of violence from the crowd threatened to ruin the evening. A swift response from security and frank meant the ejection for three in attendance, prompting Frank to demand silence from the room and teach us how to be decent human beings. He managed to change a potential show ender into a poignant message about accountability and looking after your fellow man. For me, this catapulted the show into an all time favourite. How the situation was taken care of showed the greatest compassion and made us all feel like family.

Photo By Sam Wall

A kick of the mic stand and the drive of a bass line later we were thrown straight into the title track from their latest album ‘Sticky’. For the rest of the show the atmosphere and tempo didn’t feel like it change once. It was raw and it was passionate, full of adrenaline like a first date. Almost up to the last minute Frank & the Rattlesnakes kept playing, even throwing in ‘I Hate You’ at the end with the crowd bellowing out even word. They were determined to make it one to remember and boy did they!

Article & Photography By Sam Wall

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