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Francisco Martin - Passenger Princess

Released just over a month ago on 17th February 2023, Passenger Princess by US based Francisco Martin is such an uplifting feel good song that will leave you feeling refreshed and even putting a spring in your step.

When I listen to this song all I sense is an on going flow of positive energy which just makes me even more encouraged as a listener to allow that flow to surround me from the inside out. Until recently I had not been aware of who Francisco Martin even was, listening to Passenger Princess I am so damn happy I finally discovered him at last.

As a song this latest single has so much on offer - lyrics that just reach out to you, vocals which will fill you love and kindness, and a beat which just brings everything nicely together, so when you put it like that, who could complain? Passenger Princess is not something which I don’t think can be compared to any other songs out their because its beautiful in its own way, and also tells me that as a person, Francisco Martin is moving in his own lane as creates waves along the way!

I for one am looking forward to see what this rising artist offers us next, and have every confidence that 2023 will be a year which sees him take his music to new heights.

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