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Franciscan Honey - Franciscan Honey

Taken from their debut album, US based Franciscan Honey introduce themselves to the world with the release of their self-titled single Franciscan Honey which was released on 20th April 2022.

A nice little garage rock number track, the new single will grab your attention within seconds with it’s fast paced and energetic feel. It also has a vibe to it which is also quite catchy whereby you feel that the 4 minutes are not enough so you need to press that replay button to relive the experience all over again.

Another thing that you will notice are the impressive instrumental skills such as those riffs, the beat of drums and those guitar solos which give the track a good body like a good bottle of wine. Imagine seeing this performed live, especially if you are brand new to Franciscan Honey, you will still feel an inner urge to get stuck in and join your fellow brethren in the mosh pit as you allow the music to consume you, especially with this single.

I am curious to see what the rest of the album will be like, but for now I am just happy I was able to get a glimpse at least in the shape of their brand new single.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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