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FNTN - Setting Sun

Los Angeles duo FNTN, known for their addictive indie surf vibes are back with their latest track Setting Sun.

Released on 10th February 2023, the single is just another brilliant example of how FNTN continue to grow from strength to strength, as they put their heart and their soul to give us music fans that put a smile on our faces.

As a song itself Setting Sun has the perfect balance of a catchy beat, light hearted but honest lyrics to make you think and this indescribable appeal where you can’t help but marvel in presence of FNTN to the max.

I think as far as 2023 is concerned, FNTN have started off with their best foot forward, and I have no problem proclaiming that tracks like Setting Sun is a song which everyone should be making sure they are making every effort to listen to.

Living here in the UK, I can see the influences of the likes of the Beatles or some of 90’s Brit-Pop bands like Supergrass coming through, but with FNTN adding their own identity to the mix as well to create something quite refreshing and current.

You might not realise it now, but given time FNTN will be winning hearts and minds with there music, so what better way than to start your journey into their world with Setting Sun.

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