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FNTN - Crypto Vegan

On the hunt for some new music but don’t know where to look? Well a good place to start would be Crypto Vegan, the brand new single by Los Angeles based band FNTN, who dare I say it create such an alluring, feel good vibe that will almost knock your socks off.

For me the winner and the hero of Crypto Vegan is the relatability and also even the openness you hear from the lyrics themselves. It is the kind of song I imagine listening to on any occasion, but also on those days that you are just kicking back thinking about that cherished person in your life as you watch the world pass by.

If your requiring the need for a bit of optimism in your day, then allow FNTN and Crypto Vegan to be that much needed pick up. So much can fly around in our heads, but that is where songs such as Crypto Vegan can be that pleasant distraction. Lyrically as well I think this song is very much current and keeping with the times, especially if you look at the name of the title itself. I mean even when I think about the world through my eyes, I know a lot of vegans and also see people talking more and more about crypto currencies. Although the song itself may not speak solely about those things, I think it is very much a good representation of the generation we currently find ourselves living in.

Woah I got all philosophical there, I would say sorry but then I would be lying, because what you too will find as you take in the inviting traces of pop and brooding synth rock that songs are infused into songs such as Crypto Vegan, FNTN are also equally that band who will also get you thinking.

This song has been out since 15th April 2022, and I really see flourishing and even taking on a life of it’s own, especially the more us curious music fans check it out. What is next for FNTN, who knows, but Crypto Vegan may just be the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship with your new favourite band.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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