Flytinary, a new way to book your low-budget holiday

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As restrictions continue to be lifted worldwide, we are all thinking about a nice holiday somewhere in the world and because of that we found Flyitinary - the Wikipedia of traveling! To find out more, we had a chat with Prince Rauf, the founder of this amazing idea!

What is behind the app?

The app was designed for travellers by travellers, with the view to make more parts of the world accessible on a budget, whilst being safe and secure. We wanted to remove the traditional travel methods, incorporate the use of Ai and create breath-taking adventures.

What's the team behind this amazing platform?

Prince Rauf I am the Founder of Flytinary Inc, an innovative travel app disrupting the current sector. We host a growing global network of travel communities able to access the world with a push of a button. Dubbed ‘The Wikipedia of travel’.

With 10 years experience in building communities, last role director at The Collective CoLiving, I have been fortunate enough to travel to 60 countries internationally and love the freedom and fullness that travel provides to an individual's health and well-being. My favourite country in the world is Colombia. One day I would like to visit the whole of Africa by motorcycle.

Tobias Dumbraveanu, Head of Marketing, Born in Romania, Based in London, UK

My design approach is influenced by minimalism and modern graphic design. I love samurai films and new wave music. On a Sunday afternoon you will most likely find me enjoying a good cup of coffee and an interesting book. My favourite place in the world is Tokyo, Japan and I would also love to visit Cairo, Egypt.

Arsenio F. Sarmiento - Engineer & Head of Tech Development a Full-stack developer from the Philippines with a decade of experience developing both mobile and web applications. Passionate about programming and creating new technologies and products. Other interests include video games, wine with friends and good coffee.

Favourite place is Cebu, Philippines and would like to visit Colombia next.

The app is set to be used by millions of users, how does it actually work?

The apps simple to use, available on both the IOS and Android store. You simply download, complete the registration process, which will ask you a bunch of questions around your preferences to build your profile, then our powered ai technology presents you with flight deals and room stays that we believe are suitable to your profile.

There’s also a really cool ‘tinder like’ travel swipe section on the app, the more you swipe the more we can tailor the deals to you.

Our data handlers have trawled through the web with the use of our algorithm to find you the best offers on flights, mistake fare, which are presented to our members. This is saving not only an average of $500 per member but hours in trawling through various sites.

We’ve tied this in with influencer handpicked rooms and activities to make your trip unforgettable.

Finally, we’ve collected thousands of data points to assist with logic for the trip, such as a budgeting tool which can calculate your daily spend, or simpler data points such as which power adapter to take with you before you travel abroad. These are only a couple of the cool data points available for our members.

Did we mention in this post covid environment a lot of users have decided to work remotely, so we’ve connected our members to remote working facilities abroad. All through the app.

What's different from all the other platforms like eDreams and Go To Gate?

These Travel booking sites make you troll through thousands of bookings engines and options to try and suit your needs. This can take hours, sometimes days, especially when you are booking your annual trip, you want to get it right.

When you finally find a destination that you want to travel to, you realise that it's super expensive, searching becomes super stressful, hundreds of unanswered travel questions, which makes you unsure whether to book, so you begin to panic.

The Flytinary app is the best way for frequent or annual travellers to get the most out of their trips and make huge savings as they book.

Unlike big sites, Flytinary app does the legwork for you, finding you cheap flights to unique locations, handpicked rooms and memorable experiences and simply provide answers to all your travel questions. We save our members hundreds in fees.

All you have to do is turn on the notifications on your phone.

We have a simple flat membership fee which all members recoup within their first international booking.

We pride ourselves on quality, so you will have all the handpicked room options available to you for the first time. Whether you're a couple who'd like to book a fancy Luxe hotel room for your anniversary or an adventurous duo requiring a boutique Airbnb in the Himalaya's, to backpackers backpacking across Europe and looking for a budget hostel bed, we have the solution.

Our multi-functional app takes the pressure off booking by providing you with all the information you will ever need when making travel-related decisions, like what plug adaptor to use, or where to find the best exchange rate.

With Flytinary Prime our premium feature, unlock the app's hidden features, such as our new budgeting tool, countrywide itinerary, offline maps, stay in control over your finances, stay safe, and stay secure.

How did the idea come about?

The idea was spawn from a dare, a paper towel and an eye liner pen. Makes for a longer story but the crucks of it is, in a simplified version, a friend challenged me to come up with a solution to the broken travel sector. It came about when I was backpacking across Asia and South America, we found it impossible to find the best flight deals and the best places to stay so that we could have the best experiences possible and often relied on multiple websites, taking up hours of travel time. So we created a single app with all the information you will need to book a safe and secure holiday.

Flytinary is cool and can save up so much money but how safe is it to book a flight or experience?

Extremely safe, as we currently do not transact the bookings and work with and benefit from our amazing partnerships, such as but not limited to; Skyscanner,, Hostel World, Trip Advisor, etc. We ensure that all the information and bookable spaces are Atol protected through our partners, definitely offer flexibility cancellation policies and have up to date information on all locations prior to booking.

What is the main thing we should know about Flytinary?

We know the importance of mental health, we know the importance of travel on mental health, we want to create the opportunity for everyone in the world to experience at least one adventure in their life, in the hope that travelling will open their minds to new cultures, experiences, strengthen their resolve and motivate them to do better in the world, for we only have one life, so lets live it to the fullest.

Is the app IATA protected? What if a flight gets cancelled?

For us there is no requirement to be IATA protected as we’re not transactional, in the future 100%. Nonetheless we complete a strict diligence on our partnerships. We work with some amazing partners to ensure that any deal on a flight that we promote has a flexible policy and the partner completing the booking is IATA or ATOL protected. Thus ensuring and preparing for the worse case scenario. Our customer service team is also on hand to assist our members in getting to a swift resolution. We hope for all members and anyone booking inside and outside of Flytinary has the best experience possible because we too have faced the difficulties as travellers of cancelling a ticket, so know the pain points that we want to avoid for our members.

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